The popularity of Indian food has really increased in the UK. You will have so many places to try Indian cuisines, in new places with Indian touches and international crossover. For the Indian food lovers, there is an abundance of delicious options ready to be explored!

Here Is An Overview Of Top 12 Indian Restaurants In The UK

The Tamil Prince
Pali Hill
Bombay Bustle
Cinnamon Bazaar

1. The Tamil Prince

The Tamil Prince

Source: Evening Standard

The entry of Tamil Prince to the locality of Islington’s Barnsbury district which happens to be one of the robust establishments with the most colourful South Indian dishes will find it a home. It is the parrot which rallies his name and creates an impression of the cuisine offered there having been inspired by the culinary traditions found in the Tamil Nadu region of Southern India, where he was brought up.

Address: 115 Hemingford Rd, London N1 1BZ, United Kingdom

The Tamil Prince was established and opened its door for service to the public of Islington from June 2022, which it complied with the service both as a pub and a restaurant for the residents. 

A specialty not seen before it was presented, and that’s how it caught the attention of influencers and connoisseurs who are passionate about great dining experience. The food exhibition manifests it in a way that there is tapas style service, where the plates continue being prepared in an absolute small kitchen which is very visible to the clients through a very large glass window that is located in the dining area.

It starts with fairly common dishes and drinks while keeping the temper of the surroundings in balance. The guests go through a culinary journey of indulgence as they are spoiled with a number of swanky food choices like paneer masala and dal makhani. While the menu highlights  a mild chickpea dish paired visually with a ruptasing raita, these are all surprising in favor of their savoury manna.

In contrast to mere gluttony, the place provides a proper atmosphere where customers can cool off by ordering one of their many different kinds of cocktails. Originally from Bar Termini, Simone Pugi, a top mixologist of his time is now behind these cocktails, including the signature Prince’s drink that contains cardamom rum, rose water and lime, which is artistically accompanied by a unique branded, edible rice paper garnish, giving the drink that extra bit of elegance.

2. Bibi, Mayfair

Bibi, Mayfair

Source: Timeout

BiBi is an award-winning  restaurant owned by chef Chet Sharma. It’s all about serving tasty dishes inspired by ingredients and memories from India. Chet has lots of experience from working in top-notch restaurants worldwide. At BiBi, you can choose from different menus for lunch and dinner, including a special tasting menu.

Exploiting the thoughtful global experience in cuisine by pulling out Chet’s many years of working in famous Michelin-starred restaurants from each continent, Indian Bistro represents a very interesting combination of traditional and contemporary constituents from a lot of sources of Indian culinary traditions.

Address: 42 N Audley St, London W1K 6ZP, United Kingdom

Their dining experience is represented by an a la carte menu and a crafted one -to- be-read menu available during the lunchtime, whereas the dinner service consists only of the latter.

BiBi, entitled to several awards such as GQ Restaurant of the year in 2022 has gained the reputation and fame among the right set of people. Besides, the restaurant grabbed #1 as the opening of the year, and the fifth position in the 2022 National Restaurant Awards. 

3. Gymkhana


Source: TheFork

Experiencing some modern Indian dining at the incredible Gymkhana, with its fantastic contemporary Indian menu brought together with seasonal British produce and showcasing the traditional tandoori oven and eye-catching vibrant chatpata sharing dishes is something very few avail of. Gymkhana is to be proud of its co-located cocktail lounge, 42 situated at 42 Albemarle Street, with the direct entrance from the side of the restaurant.

Address: 42 Albemarle St, London W1S 4JH, United Kingdom

The tasting dishes provide the gastronomic voyage de lux which you have to really push the limits of your appetite because of the generous and flavorful amounts is not enough. Participation in the path of samosa begins with cull notes of diced lamb samosa and ends with the journey of cypher of cardamom kheer along with fresh mango and diced mango sorbet pudding. 

In the concise time of its existence, Gymkhana has established for itself an unsurpassed service standard; patient consultations are the distinguishing feature of its staff as they cater to new clients, offering recommendations for the dishes on the menu.

4. Pali Hill

Pali Hill

Source: Evening Standard

The place elegantly named Pali Hill that is one of Mumbai’s most lauded neighbourhoods presents an impressive expansion of regional dishes, all perfectly crafted to illuminate the palate-appealing cuisines of India’s vibrant culinary heritage. Facing either the beyond-average side-street terrace with the authentic flavors or simply in-between the vibrant and commemoration pillows on the modern art deco-inspired interior, one does not only get to see the glamorous smiles of the passers-by, but also the interesting pieces of art sourced from different parts of India.

To kick start off the gastronomic trip, guests have an option of beverages, which are either the mouthwatering drink of yoghurt, honey, mango and a splash of rum known as boozy lassi or the elegant.

Address: 79-81 Mortimer St, London W1W 7SJ, United Kingdom

To make the drinks more appealing, the eatery has also discarded some popular dishes and distinctive of the country like papri chaat which is a cosmopolitan poori tasting red and yellow tomatoes pomegranate, mint, and a rich warm tamarind chutney, wheel the audience into a combined feeling for one with the whole duration of the dish. 

Another top recommended small card is the pod-like pea and spinach filled kebab, prepared from spring peas and spinach, served with mouth-watering tamarind chutney for dipping.

5. Kahani



Kahani Restaurant, which is one of London’s eminent and famous Indian culinary destinations, and is located in a Sloane Square area for a splendid and contemporary Indian cuisine experience. The name ‘Kahani’ by Hindi word starting “story” captures the ideal of Kitchen’s star Michelin Chef Peter Joseph experienced and re-created the same traditional Indian cuisine. 

London has a long history of love for the curries but the Kahani distinguishes itself from the others through a light selection of grumbly meats, fish, and vegetables prepared on the robatas grill instead of heavily oily and buttery recipes.

Address: 1 Wilbraham Pl, London SW1X 9AE, United Kingdom

Designed for communal enjoyment, Kahani’s menu fosters shared dining experiences, making it an ideal choice for gatherings of family and friends seeking authentic Indian cuisine in London. Complementing its culinary offerings, Kahani presents an imaginative array of cocktails and beverages, elevating the dining experience to new heights within Chelsea’s vibrant gastronomic scene.

6. Jamavar


Source: Tripadvisor

Jamavar holds a position of respect over all Indian dining places in London as it is not just any other branch outside of India but it is the only one in the whole United Kingdom. It is hard to miss Mayfair Grill, situated in the admired two-walls of the Mayfair district. Its interior naturally accepts the dark wood tones, which come with the use of leather, oak and mirrors. 

Address: 8 Mount St, London W1K 3NF, United Kingdom

Customers can expect an elevated gastronomical experience where comfort of attire may even be considered as the food range: Parsi partridge croquettes, Lobster Idli Sambhar, and old Delhi chicken, promises to give a feast to a pickiest of eaters.

7. Trishna, Marylebone

Trishna, Marylebone

Source: Timeout

The aloo tokri chaat is an elaborate Indian street food, which taste mouthwatering are derived from boiling potatoes then deep frying then garnished with spices, yogurt, tamarind sauce, mint, pomegranate and sprinkle together to get their tastes of sweet, sour, tangy, crunchy and spicy. On the contrary to this ambrosial snack’s attractiveness, quite literally an alluring roadside snack, has given Sethi, the HNW individuals, who started the Michelin Starred Trishna in the heart of Marylebone, an idea to bring that on their starter menu.

Address: 15-17 Blandford St, London W1U 3DG, United Kingdom

Not only that, but the next, exploration-based section of the essay promises to introduce readers to the gastronomic coastline of India, beginning at Mumbai and proceeding to Tamil Nadu. By bringing into focus the application of vegetables and seafood, a journey through this cuisine will afford the alternative path avoiding the usual dominance of the northern dishes that are engendered from the meat-eating tradition in the UK.

Fitting into this upbeat neighborhood, the dining will be flexible with creativity in a modern surroundings, consisting of whitewashed brick walls, wooden chairs and minimalistic setting without tablecloths. Well-versed waiters with aleant ears skillfully recommend both dishes and signature cocktails, while wine flight mentors easily guide visitors through an electrifying wine list that runs from the New World to the Old World, highlighting boutique wineries in the process.

8. Brigadiers, The City

Brigadiers, The City

source:Hot Dinners

“Brigadiers is a unique eatery that displays its influences from the highly rated mess bars of India.” By blurring the lines between digital and physical realms, metaverse has emerged as a revolutionary concept that is transforming various industries, particularly the entertainment industry. Placed in a vibrant city, the stand out of this Indian barbecue joint amidst a crowded culinary scene that offers an exotic blend of Food, illiistic beers and Whiskeys and sports live entertainment.

Address: 1-5 Bloomberg Arcade, London EC4N 8AR, United Kingdom

Different from local restaurants that people can see around daily, Brigidiera’s is indeed one of a kind, which is not referenced to a chain but backed by the same esteemed agent that established a Gymkhana in Mayfair. The food destination of either location favors a rather casual pub-theme, but will not yield to compromise on the high standard and creativity in the food they serve.

The menu at Brigadiers offers a splendid collection of starter plates, namely skewered lip Kebabs of Afghan lamb chops, smoked aubergine rotis, and the hotel signature chilli chicken lettuce cups. Even the ordinary, let’s say pappadums, become special after tasting the four recips’ labors of love.

Indeed, meats well done will be available in mains; there will be a resonant kebab of guinea fowl reshmi, and that staple, tender tandoori lamb. There is something about these dishes which features vivid tastes and touches of hot chillies, balanced by crispy cool cucumber and sesame raita.

9. Benares, Mayfair

Benares, Mayfair


Benares, an eatery with a profound name that echoes Benares (India’s spiritual capital), skilfully amalgamates tradition and chic modernity to set it apart not only for its distinctive culinary scene but also for its energetic and vibrant atmosphere. Benares, which was in the beginning of the 21st century one of the prominent restaurants offering fancy Indian dishes in London, was awarded its first Michelin star under the reign of Atul Kochhar, a prestigious chef, in 2007. This title, and the ones that have come thereafter, reflect the restaurant’s reputation for experimenting with dishes to come up with indulgent contemporary infusions of

Address: 12a Berkeley Square, London W1J 6BS, United Kingdom

The restaurant is presided over by Executive Chef Sameer Taneja, who achieved the feat of once again vesting Benares with the Michelin Star the very year he joined. Guests are, thus, able to indulge in a perfect dining experience. Pick the first of your experiences up by trying the Passion Fruit Chutney Martini at the dark red-and-black bar. 

Upon taking your seat with intimate ambient lighting and an interior with mirror panels, the traditional miniature poppadoms are served with a selection of exquisite dips such as apricot, gooseberry, and pickles.

Surprise your tastebuds with a scallop, warm baked in a coconut curry to enrich and balance the taste while enjoying the traditional Samosa Ragda, a mashed potato dressing served on a Carom seed tartlet. Add to your meal with mineral Johannishof Riesling wine and have it in the cozy dining room cafe which is very rich with people.

10. Jikoni, Marylebone

Jikoni, Marylebone

Source: The Upcoming

Nestled in the map of London’s picturesque Marylebone, Jikoni is a jewel that takes the foody in a cultural journey that celebrates the diversity of multiple traditions. This kind of cuisine is the result of different cultures and peoples; this is why it has so many flavors from Asia through Africa to Britain and the Middle East.

Jikoni restaurant is characterized by a relaxed, convivial atmosphere, cosy interior design and affinity for exquisite delicacies. With such features, Jikoni provides a perfect setting for a memorable dining experience at night or delightful brunch in the morning or lunch in the afternoon. Their philosophy of food-making is the reason why they have Chef Patron Ravinder Bhogal at the helm of their operations; This is the same person who is an accomplished food writer and has numerous awards under their belt.

Address: 19-21 Blandford St, London W1U 3DH, United Kingdom

11. Bombay Bustle, Mayfair

Bombay Bustle, Mayfair

Source: LSI Capital

With the aspiration of a replica of Jamavar, here they offer the next entrance on Maddox Street. The design showcases colors synonymous with these vibrant cities of the world and evoke the feeling of traveling along the railway corridors.

In a novel way, booth seating that reminds us of first-class railway carriages welcomes guests to experience 9lish cuisine in nostalgic style, while beautifully designed façade bearing station-style signage divides bar and dining spaces which otherwise may be hard to share, so each guest finds their preferred nook.

Address: 29 Maddox St, London W1S 2PA, United Kingdom

Their offering of beautifully crafted cocktails focused on gin will treat your taste buds from the very beginning of your afternoon, creating lasting impressions. Although, their patrons are drastically captivated by their skillful venture into tapas plates. Signature dishes include the zesty green chilli and red onion bahji fritters; they also offer a unique assortment of three different spicy rocket dosas.

Also, They capture the art of cuisine on their tandoor menu including chaat masala chicken and the fragrant lamb chop YML. 

These ingredients impart a north Indian kind of ecstasy to the fish curry lover’s palette. Secondly is the paneer butter masala; the key ingredients here are charred cottage cheese, peppers, fresh tomatoes and fenugreek. Hence this cuisine can easily satisfy all palates.

12. Cinnamon Bazaar, Covent Garden

Cinnamon Bazaar, Covent Garden

Source: TimeOut

The Cinnamon Bazaar is a thrilling art of bazaar intricated in Indian and other parts of the globe history which is ancient and contemporary. Undeterred by the colonial interventions or political instability, the buzzing market-places throughout history that have been the centerpiece for trade, cultural exchange, and entertainment have remained alive, bearing testimony to how captivating it is to the blustered minds.

Address: 28 Maiden Ln, London WC2E 7JS, United Kingdom

They  provide a menu which captivated the attention and presented the new and novel attractions of Indian recipes. Among the standout signature main courses, the Indo-Chinese chicken wings (with burnt chillies) and double-cooked pork belly (with curried yogurt, barley, pomegranate, and broccoli smoked raita) are their representation of the perfect reflections of their philosophy.

A highlight of the Cinnamon Bazaar experience is their  roaming chaat cart, offering guests the opportunity to craft their own bespoke chaat—a quintessential Indian street food known for its crispy, crunchy, spicy, and tangy flavors. By empowering patrons to select their preferred ingredients and spices, they aim to provide a personalized culinary journey that celebrates the spirit of exploration and discovery.

Indulge in the enchanting ambiance and eclectic flavors of Cinnamon Bazaar, where tradition meets innovation in a celebration of culinary artistry.


In Conclusion, With such a rich array of Indian restaurants to choose from, UK diners are spoiled for choice when it comes to exploring the flavors of India. Whether seeking traditional classics or modern interpretations.

With such a rich array of Indian restaurants to choose from, UK diners are spoiled for choice when it comes to exploring the flavours of India. Whether seeking traditional classics or modern interpretations, there’s no shortage of delicious options waiting to be savored.