Top 15 Cloud Kitchens In India You Must Try

Biryani by Kilo a modern Indian quick service restaurant that specializes in cloud kitchen has risen to prominence mainly due to its superb biryanis.

Biryani By Kilo

At present, Rebel Foods is one of the leading cloud kitchen companies in India that started its operation back in 2011 and originally known as Faasos.

Rebel Foods

If you like the flavour  of both Mexican and Italian foods, then Firangi Bake is one such cloud kitchen you don’t want to miss.

Firangi Bake

Pizza On My Plate (POMP) excels in delivering hot, freshly baked pizzas straight to customers' doorsteps, ensuring exceptional quality every time.

Pizza On My Plate (POMP)

Box8, an Indian online food delivery company, offers mouth-watering meals, snacks, and desserts delivered fresh to consumers' doorsteps.


Today, Oven Story Pizza is recognised as one of the leading pizza firms in India, which creates tasty pizza.

Oven Story Pizza