Future Group Success Story: A Journey Of Disruption, Innovation, And Strength In Indian Business

The fluctuating and dynamic scenario of Indian commerce does not stay back from creating narratives that permanently stay in both the minds of the upcoming entrepreneurs

For multi businesses, future group manages its diverse operations through a number of entities configured for the specific industries each of its business belongs to.

The management of its clothing and fashion stores under the brand of Central, Brand Factory and Planet Sport is taken care of by another subsidiary being Future Lifestyle Fashions Limited.

Kishore Biyani is the founder of Future Group, a CEO of the group who had previously made his career in the fabric-trading firm ‘Bansi Silk Mills’ which was owned by his father, brothers and two elder cousins.

On the other hand, he gave a fair hearing to himself on the tactical and business side of the enterprise.

As a younger boy witnessing the craze for “stone – washed” cloth pants among his buddies, he identified the gap in the market and the opportunity for catering to this small but obvious segment.