Apple Bets Big on AI, but with a Lower Cost Strategy

While tech giants like Google, Microsoft and Meta are spending tens of billions on building massive data centers for Artificial Intelligence, Apple is charting its own course with a more capital efficient model.

However, CEO Tim Cook insists the company remains deeply committed to AI and hopes to have “concrete details” to share soon on its plans.

However, Apple has built its empire selling premium hardware like the iPhone that prioritizes user privacy over data collection.

For years now, analysts have questioned if Apple has a viable strategy as AI becomes the core of emerging technologies like augmented reality, virtual assistants, autonomous vehicles and more.

But Cook maintains they have a “very bullish” view of opportunities in “generative AI” that could keep them at the cutting edge.

So what exactly is Apple‘s approach? While specifics are still unclear, some clues can be pieced together from their history and public statements.