National carrier Vistara carrier has recently been in a severe flight crisis due to a pilot shortage across the country that has led to several flights getting cancelled. It looks like the situation worsens for all full-service airline as there is the increasing number of canceled flights recently, which totally frustrate travelers.

Vistara's Flight

It all started last week followed by several days of massive flight cancellations when Vistara had to ground more than 50 flights over a single day due to a lack of pilots to operate the entire scheduled services. As a result, the passengers of various airlines suffered with long waiting lines and the shortage of alternative flights due to the massive groundings as the affected aircrafts were taken out of service. The airliner at first referred to “crew unavailability” as the cause of the delays, but in the end, evidence was found that the problem ran deeper into other elements.

Accounts are Vistara pilots, in high numbers, have been absent from work to voice their indignation because of the company’s new salary framework. The members of the Vistara community are unapologetically unhappy about the installations that await Vistara’s eventual merger with Air India. The signed-up members are promised that they would not be shut away from the combined organization. On the other side, those who do not sign are instead warned to be excluded from the combined entity.

With pilots taking this collective stance, Vistara has been left high and dry without adequate staff to man all flights. This week again saw over 30 cancellations from key metro cities of Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru on a single morning. Hundreds of passengers had their travel plans thrown into disarray at the last minute.

Facing mounting flak over subpar customer handling, Vistara issued an apology while temporarily reducing its flight operations to ensure network connectivity. Bigger planes are being deployed on some routes to combine services or accommodate displaced flyers. Refunds and alternate bookings are also being provided.

However, the situation remains far from resolved. Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia has sought a detailed briefing from Vistara on the cancellations and delays. Regulatory authority DGCA has also directed the airline to submit daily reports on disrupted flights. 

Unless the issues with pilots are addressed promptly through constructive dialogue, Vistara’s reputation and operations could continue to take a hit. Passengers too will keep feeling the brunt through spoiled travel plans. As one of the country’s leading full-service carriers, Vistara needs to handle this internal turmoil swiftly to get back on track. The well-being of flyers should be the top priority at all times.

In summary, Vistara’s flight cancellations across India have intensified due to a deepening pilot shortage issue arising from pay disputes, leaving many travellers frustrated with disrupted travel plans.