Twitter has been taken, will Coca-Cola be next? What Elon Musk is implying in his tweet

Tesla CEO Elon Musk wants to buy Coca-Cola after his successful $44 billion bid for Twitter Inc. He tweeted that the next time he buys Coca-Cola, he will put cocaine back in it.

“I’m going to buy Coca-Cola next to put the cocaine back in,” he tweeted. The tech magnate was referring to the drink’s original recipe, which was introduced in 1886 as a tonic for a variety of ailments.

Musk’s latest tweet has gone viral after creating a buzz with his Twitter deal and emphasis on free speech. The tweet received 1 million likes, 200K retweets, and 60K quote tweets in two hours.

One Twitter user suggested Musk ‘buy McDonald’s to fix those damn ice cream machines.’

“Listen, I can’t perform miracles,” Musk tweeted.


While the tweet appeared to be a joke. But who knows, maybe he’ll get it done in five or ten years. He first joked about buying Twitter in 2017 during an exchange with comedian Dave Smith on the platform. And, five years later, he has proposed purchasing a 100 percent stake in the company.

Musk began using Twitter in 2010 and now has over 85 million followers. His previous tweets demonstrate how he has used social media to shape his public image as a brash billionaire who isn’t afraid to offend.