New Delhi, India: Twitter, jumping on the NFT bandwagon, unveiled a feature on Thursday that allows users to “show off their cherished goods.” The new technology from Twitter Inc. will allow users to post a non-fungible token as their profile image.

Twitter debuted the NFT Profile Pictures feature in a hexagonal shape, replacing the usual circle-shaped profile pictures. It’s not just the shape of the feature that sets it apart. The hexagonal graphic can be tapped to reveal information on the token, its owner, and more.

Twitter’s new function, as attractive as it may sound, is only available to a select group of users. Users of Twitter Blue, a monthly membership service with exclusive access to premium features and app customizations, can now utilize it.

The official Twitter Blue tweeted a video of users including @bobbyhundreds, @beijingdou, and @On1Force switching to NFT Profile Pictures, revealing the new feature.

Twitter Blue demonstrated how users can display their NFT profile photographs in another tweet. They only need to link to their crypto wallets and select the NFT to be displayed.

The NFT market exploded in 2021, with JP Morgan estimating that the entire market capitalization of the NFT universe might be close to $7 billion. Everything and anything digital can be an NFT, from Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s former lover Grimes selling her digital artwork to actress Sunny Leone minting her own digital avatar.

Because more people are buying and selling NFTs, investment bank Jefferies predicts that its market cap will exceed $35 billion in 2022 and $80 billion by 2025. It’s worth highlighting that non-fungible token trading reached $22 billion in 2021.

The most valuable NFT sale in 2021 was ‘The First 5000 Days,’ which sold for $69.3 million.