TwiningsOvo has entered into a strategic partnership with Nihilent, with an objective to set up a ‘Digital Centre’ in India. The partnership will enable TwiningsOvo to not merely use the skilled Indian workforce but also Nihilent’s accumulation of resources to improve its digital potentials and competencies.

TwiningsOvo, a UK based teaware and gifts platform recently announced a strategic partnership with Nihilent, a global consulting and management company. The partnership will aid Twining’s Indian Digital Centre to enhance its skill sets, expertise and further polish digital potentials as well as competencies. The said affiliation is followed by the Center’s assistance in creating an affirmative digital and business-oriented ecosystem. Both TwiningsOvo and Nihilent, with a sustainable approach have signed up for a tree plantation drive Bhatkya Vimukta Jati Shikshan Sanstha (BVJSS) in Pune.

TwiningsOvo enters in partnership with Nihilent: charts its next digital growth phas

Nihilent’s augmented resources, technology-oriented and design thinking approach along with digital capabilities, the company is set to indulge in a number of transformative initiatives with TwiningsOvo. The collaboration will in turn help TwiningsOvo in building a strengthened core and a stronghold in the market, charting the profitable path. The strategic affiliation and partnership will serve TwiningsOvo to curate a compelling business model; metric-based performance management systems and records; system thinking; proprietary consulting; and reformed design approach, rendering efficient user experience.

TwiningsOvo having an additional advantage of collaborating with a company in India, can utilize the highly-skilled talent pool to amplify its business growth and reach, in alignment with global standards and requirements.

Commenting on the partnership with Nihilent, Peter Taylor, Chief Financial Officer, Twinings revealed the company’s agenda to foster a strategic global information technology organization, which can adhere to and align with emerging technological perspectives, skills and potentials. Taylor further presented his viewpoint on establishing the ‘Digital Centre’ in accordance with TwiningsOvo’s business growth objective in delivering consistent technology-enabled business operations. He called Nihilent a right fit to implement the company’s long term visions.

Adding to what Taylor mentioned, Sandeep Seeripat, CIO, TwiningsOvo stated the company’s idea to ramp up its technological strategic operations to deliver efficient customer and stakeholder experience.

Sharing views on setting up of the Digital Centre, LC Singh, Director, and Executive Vice Chairman, Nihilent mentioned the company’s plan to indulge in digital transformative initiatives with TwiningsOvo to provide extraordinary digital competencies. Singh also revealed Nihilent’s proposal on an engagement model to provide reliable, secure and efficient services.

Minoo Dastur, Director, President & CEO, Nihilent said, “This collaboration allows us to co-work with the TwiningsOvo IT team to craft best in class compelling stakeholder experiences by leveraging our proprietary change management and digital frameworks and platforms. We are very happy to onboard TwiningsOvo as our esteemed client and it comes at a time as we at Nihilent are aggressively evangelizing the concept of ‘Humanizing Technology’ the fulcrum for all our engagements”.