Some of the biggest corporations in the technology sector, including the Big Four and social media behemoths, are based in the United States. These companies have dominated their respective markets, and their innovations have fundamentally altered how people interact, communicate, and consume information.

When considering tech firms, the Silicon Valley behemoths Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Netflix frequently come to mind. Who else operates in the IT sector, though? We’ve assembled some of the biggest and most recognizable top IT companies, listed in order of market cap, using information from each company’s financial records.

The top 10 tech companies in the US:

1. Apple

A wide variety of consumer technology devices are designed, produced, and sold by Apple (AAPL). Mobile phones, laptops, tablets, wearable technology, home entertainment equipment, and many other items fall under this category. iPhone handsets and Mac computers are a couple of its best-selling goods. Apple’s sales of services have also significantly increased. In addition to running digital content stores, it recently unveiled a number of streaming services, including Apple+, a platform for on-demand entertainment material.

Apple became the first publicly traded American company to have a market worth more than $1 trillion in August 2018. This was followed by US$2 trillion in August 2020 and US$3 trillion in January 2022.

Headquarter– Cupertino, California 

CEO– Tim Cook

Market cap– $3.029 trillion (August 2024) 

2. Microsoft


Microsoft is a leading provider of software, hardware, solutions, and services on a global scale. Although the business is best recognized for its Windows and Office Suite software, cloud computing and its cloud platform, Azure, account for an increasing portion of its profit and sales. In addition, Microsoft owns and runs LinkedIn, a well-known social networking site for job seekers.

In January 2024 ,a new multi-year, multi-billion-dollar investment agreement was announced between the corporation and OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT.

Headquarter- Redmond, Washington

CEO- Satya Nadella

Market cap- $2.435 trillion (August 2023)

3. Alphabet


Alphabet was officially founded in 2015. Alphabet Inc., with more than 140,000 employees globally, owns and manages a number of technology-related businesses and subsidiaries. In addition to the Google search engine, Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Chrome, Android, Google Play, and Google Ads, its most well-known and largest company, Google LLC, also provides a variety of other online services and products.

Headquarter-Mountain View, California 

CEOSundar Pichai 

Market cap– $1.630 trillion (August 2023)

4. Amazon

amazon, Inc., a global leader in e-commerce and technology, employs more than 1.3 million people worldwide. Some of its most well-known goods and services include the Amazon online store, Prime, Kindle e-readers, Echo smart speakers, Alexa speech assistant, and Audible audiobooks. Amazon’s AWS cloud computing platform offers a variety of cloud services, including software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

Headquarter- Seattle, Washington

CEO- Andy Jassy

Market cap- $1.315 trillion (August 2023)

5. Nvidia 


Nvidia Corporation’s main areas of competence are system-on-a-chip components, graphics processing units, and related software. Some of its most well-known products include the Tegra series for portable devices, the Quadro series for professional visualisation, the GeForce series for gaming, the Tesla series for high-performance computing, and the Quadro series. Along with that, it develops a variety of software platforms, such as CUDA for parallel computing, Nvidia GameWorks for game development, Nvidia Omniverse for simulation and 3D collaboration, and Nvidia Drive for autonomous vehicles.

Headquarter- Santa Clara, California 

CEO- Jensen Huang

Market cap– $1154.73 billion (August 2023)

6. Meta


With more than 60,000 staff members globally, Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is a multinational social metaverse company. Its most well-known and largest subsidiary is Facebook LLC, which offers online goods and services including the Facebook social network, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus VR, Portal smart devices, and Novi digital wallet. Other divisions include Spark AR (augmented reality), Giphy (GIFs), Mapillary (street-level photography), Kustomer (customer support), and CTRL-labs (neural interface).

Headquarter– Menlo Park, California 

CEO– Mark Zuckerberg 

Market cap– $805.49 billion (August 2023)

8. Broadcom


Broadcom Inc., a manufacturer of semiconductors and infrastructure software, offers solutions for a variety of sectors, including wireless communications, data centres, enterprise and industrial networking, internet access, and cybersecurity.

 Some of Broadcom’s top-selling products are Wi-Fi chips, Bluetooth chips, Ethernet switches, fibre optic transceivers, storage adapters, and mainframe software. Broadcom employs more than 19,000 people globally. Moreover, it provides a range of software platforms, including those from Symantec (security), CA Technologies (IT administration), Brocade (networking), and SAS Institute (analytics).

Headquarter- San Jose, California 

CEO– Hock E Tan

Market cap– $371.33 billion (August 2023) 

8. Oracle 


Oracle Corporation offers hardware and software solutions and services for a variety of markets, including cloud computing, database management, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, and business intelligence. 

Oracle Database, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Fusion Applications, Oracle NetSuite, Oracle E-Business Suite, and Oracle Hyperion are some of its most well-known products. It also provides a variety of software platforms, including Java (a programming language), MySQL (a database), Solaris (an operating system), and GraalVM (a virtual machine).

Headquarter- Austin, Texas

CEO– Safra Catz

Market cap- $314.83 billion (August 2023)

9. Adobe 


Various industries, including design, photography, video, the web, marketing, and education, can benefit from the innovative and cutting-edge solutions offered by Adobe Inc. Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Acrobat, Lightroom, and InDesign are some of its most well-liked products. Additionally, it provides a variety of software platforms, including Creative Cloud (a cloud-based subscription service), Document Cloud (a service for digital documents), Experience Cloud (a service for managing the customer experience), and Spark (a service for creating online content).

Headquarter– San Jose, California 

CEO– Shantanu Narayen

Market cap– $241.71 billion (August 2023) 

10. Cisco Systems 

Cisco was Founded in 1987, specialises in networking software and telecommunications hardware. Cisco Systems, Inc. offers networking and communications services and equipment for a range of markets, including the public sector, education, healthcare, and the life sciences as well as large corporations and service providers, as well as small businesses and home offices.

Headquarter- San Jose, California 

CEO- Chuck Robbins

Market cap– $212.27 billion (August 2023) 


The concept of a “tech company” is a little hazy because many of the biggest businesses in the world unavoidably have a hand in technology. Regardless of how clearly defined a “tech company” is, careers in technology are unquestionably growing quickly. Technology-related occupations are predicted to rise 15% between 2021 and 2031, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.