Since its inception in 2013, Netflix has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to producing an extensive array of original content. The streaming platform has consistently maintained a high standard of both quality and quantity within its original programming.

This constancy  to dispensing excellence is exemplified by the noteworthy  achievements of the year 2021, during which Netflix’s original productions garnered a total of 44 Emmy Awards. This accomplishment  surpasses the accolades received by any other production company, underscoring Netflix’s dedication to delivering exceptional content to its viewers.

Here Are The Top 10 Netflix Series:

1. Arcane 

Release Date Total Season No. of Episode 
6 Nov 2021 – present 19

Arcane, a splendid  Netflix series, stands out as a rare gem in the realm of television entertainment. Its IMDB rating, soaring above 9, demonstrates  its extraordinary  quality and widespread acclaim. As a resplendent  exemplar of a successful video game adaptation, Arcane immerses viewers in the captivating world of Riot’s League of Legends.

The narrative of Arcane revolves around the compelling tale of two sisters, Vi and Jinx, who become embroiled in the power struggle and resource conflict between the utopian city of Piltover and the gritty underbelly of Zaun.

 This dichotomy serves as the backdrop for a story that combines breathtaking visuals, an emotionally resonant narrative, and characters whose journeys elicit genuine empathy.

Arcane has garnered a devoted following for its ability to draw viewers into the expansive universe of League of Legends, making it accessible to both fans of the game and newcomers alike. This accessibility, coupled with its exceptional storytelling and production quality, has propelled it to the status of not only one of Netflix’s finest series but also a prime specimen  of what a successful adaptation can achieve.

In conclusion, Arcane is a true triumph in the world of television, an exceptional series that transcends boundaries and captivates audiences with its impressive storytelling and masterful execution. It remains a testament to the potential of video game adaptations when executed with care and creativity.

2. Narcos 

Release Date Total Season No. of Episode 
28 August 2015 – 1 September 2017330

Narcos is an epic crime saga that portrays the life of drug lord Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura) and the DEA agents who sought to bring him down. It’s also a harrowing look at the carnage wrought by the illicit cocaine trade.

The show weaves in archival footage and interviews, lending it a touch of realism that a lot of crime dramas lack.

Narcos received positive reviews, with critics praising the authenticity of its characters and its complex storylines that go beyond generic cop stories. The show even received a shout-out from rapper Pusha T.

3. Bo jack Horseman

Bo jack Horseman
Release Date Total Season No. of Episode 
22 August 2014 – 31 January 2020677

BoJack Horseman, an animated comedy-drama series, revolves around the eponymous Hollywood actor, portrayed by the talented Will Arnett. BoJack is a washed-up former star of a ’90s sitcom who endeavors to resurrect his career in the entertainment industry. Accompanying him in this captivating narrative are notable co-stars such as Alison Brie, who lends her voice to the character of Diane, BoJack’s ghostwriter. 

Additionally, Aaron Paul provides the voice for Todd, BoJack’s close friend and roommate, while Amy Sedaris takes on the role of Princess Carolyn, a feline agent representing the titular character. This engaging series delves into the complexities of the entertainment world with a blend of humor and drama, offering a nuanced and compelling exploration of the characters’ lives.

 4. Black Mirror

Black Mirror
Release Date Total Series No. of Episode 
4 December 2011627

“Black Mirror,” a longstanding flagship of Netflix’s original content, is a thought-provoking anthology series that probes into the intricate nuances of the digital era.

 This series predominantly unfolds within dystopian landscapes, portraying near-future scenarios in which technology’s unintended consequences challenge humanity’s very essence. While “The Twilight Zone” experienced a reboot in 2019, “Black Mirror” retains its position as the authentic successor to the timeless classic.

Distinguished by its high-concept premises, “Black Mirror” showcases an impressive spectrum of storytelling. Some of its standout episodes offer a grim and gritty exploration of societal woes, while others present a lighter tone, including comedic, satirical, or even romantic narratives. Among these noteworthy episodes, “Nosedive” stands out as a cautionary tale about the perils of seeking social media validation, featuring the talents of Bryce Dallas Howard. Additionally, “San Junipero” captivates viewers with a heartfelt love story, set in a virtual reality realm for the elderly, evoking a poignant and emotive narrative.

5. Stranger Things

Stranger Things
Release Date Total Season No. of Episode 
15 july 2016434

“Stranger Things” revolves around a group of young protagonists situated in the quaint backdrop of small-town Indiana during the 1980s, as they grapple with a series of supernatural phenomena. The series serves as an immersive journey into the heart of 1980s nostalgia, effortlessly encompassing the era’s distinctive fashion, iconic music, colloquial expressions, and, notably, the distinctive hair trends of that time. Additionally, the show artfully pays homage to the prominent science fiction of the period, saliently  drawing inspiration from the works of cinematic luminaries such as Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, and acclaimed author Stephen King.

Undoubtedly, “Stranger Things” stands as the prime  production in Netflix’s extensive catalog.

 Its influence is so profound that it has the capability to resurrect decades-old musical tracks, catapulting them to the summit of contemporary charts. An illustrative example of this phenomenon can be observed with Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill,” which enjoyed a resurgence in popularity due to its inclusion in the series.

This revitalization of musical classics is not limited to the past, as evidenced by the surge in interest in Metallica’s “Master of Puppets,” featured in the Season 4 finale.

Anticipation for the fifth and final season of “Stranger Things” is palpable, with its premiere slated for the upcoming year. This forthcoming installment promises an epic conclusion, marked by a feature-length format, indicative of its potential to be the most magnificent  and enthralling  season in the series’ history.

6. Dark 

Release Date Total Season No. of Episode 
1 December 2017- 27 June 2020326

“Dark” is a German science fiction series that intricately weaves a compelling narrative centered around a small town grappling with the mysterious disappearance of a local child. Initially presenting itself as a murder mystery, the series progressively evolves into an expansive and intricately interconnected time-travel odyssey spanning multiple generations.

While superficially drawing parallels with “Stranger Things,” it distinguishes itself with a darker and more violent tone. A more apt comparison would be to David Lynch’s riveting/enigmatic masterpiece, “Twin Peaks.” “Dark” stands as a testament to its audacious commitment to an unconventional premise, pushing the boundaries of storytelling.

While the storyline may become labyrinthine in Seasons 2 and 3, the series consistently excels in its acting performances, musical score, and cinematography, ensuring a high-quality viewing experience throughout its duration.

7. House of Cards

House of Cards
Release Date Total Season No. of Episode 
1 February 2013 –   2 November 2018 673

“House of Cards,” the inaugural production by Netflix, features the acclaimed talents of Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, portraying the characters Frank and Claire Underwood, respectively.

 This gripping series explores into the Machiavellian world of two morally ambiguous politicians relentlessly pursuing power in the heart of Washington, D.C. Inspired by a British TV series from the 1990s, the Netflix adaptation further intensifies the themes of political intrigue and manipulation.

Popular for its valiant portrayal of the political landscape and its meticulously developed characters, “House of Cards” has garnered significant acclaim and recognition.

8. Heartstopper

Release Date Total Season No. of Episode 
22 April 2022- Present216

“Heartstopper” made its debut to widespread critical acclaim, swiftly establishing itself as a prominent fixture among Netflix’s original series lineup upon its initial release. Drawing its inspiration from Alice Oseman’s renowned webcomic and graphic novel of the same name, this coming-of-age romantic comedy beautifully chronicles the journey of Charlie Spring, depicted  by Joe Locke, as he navigates the complexities of his feelings for his classmate Nick Nelson, delineated  by Kit Connor.

The show engrossed audiences through a combination of its heartwarming narrative, expertly crafted characters, visually stunning artwork inspired by the comics, and artfully delivered narrative twists. In essence, there are multiple compelling reasons to develop a genuine affection for this production. 

9. The Crown 

The Crown 
Release Date Total Season No. of Episode 
4 Nov 2016 –         14 December 2023550

The portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II’s life in the television series “The Crown” is a sweeping chronicle that traverses her early reign in the 1950s to the dawning of the 21st century. Throughout its four seasons, the role of Queen Elizabeth II has been brought to life by three distinguished actresses: Claire Foy, Olivia Colman, and Imelda Staunton. Each of these spectacular  performers has contributed to the series with their superb acting, offering distinct and illustrious  interpretations of the Queen’s character.

While “The Crown” has occasionally faced criticism for deviations from historical accuracy and tendencies toward hagiography, it remains a masterfully crafted drama. The series charms the  viewers with its compelling narrative, enquiring  into political scandals, coup attempts, and terror plots. The cinematography employed in the show is undeniably exquisite, and the meticulous attention to detail by the set designers, particularly in recreating the historical settings such as manors and palaces, is truly astounding .

“The Crown” provides a spellbinding  glimpse into the extraordinary life of Queen Elizabeth II, while also serving as an effective dramatization of recent British history. It has successfully carved a niche for itself as an exceptional and thought-provoking portrayal of both the monarch’s life and the broader historical context of the United Kingdom.

10. Mindhunter

Release Date Total Season No. of Episode 
13 Oct 2017 – 16 Aug 2019219

“Mindhunter,” an indispensable series for enthusiasts of psychological crime thrillers, inspects  profoundly into the nascent era of criminal profiling. 

The narrative unfolds through the scrupulous  pursuits of two dedicated FBI agents, Holden Ford, portrayed by Jonathan Groff, and Bill Tench, brought to life by Holt McCallany. Together, they undertake the formidable task of conducting interviews with incarcerated serial killers, aiming to unravel the intricate layers of their motives, experiences, and the fundamental aspects of their psychology. These insights, in turn, hold the potential to illuminate ongoing investigative endeavors.

Complementing their efforts is the invaluable contribution of Dr. Wendy Carr, a psychologist whose capabilities are often underestimated. Dr. Carr plays a pivotal role in assisting Ford and Tench to establish the foundational resources that will guide future generations of agents in their pursuit of criminal understanding.

Immersing oneself in the world of “Mindhunter” is a journey into an intense and intellectually stimulating environment.

 The series excels in crafting an absorbing atmosphere, holding the audience ensnared  with its intriguing concepts. Notably, “Mindhunter” shines a spotlight on the fictionalized portrayals of notorious real-life serial killers interrogated  by the agents. These chilling encounters include the likes of David Berkowitz, also known as the Son of Sam, and the enigmatic Charles Manson.

In summary, “Mindhunter” stands as a masterfully executed exploration of the origins of criminal profiling, offering a captivating blend of suspense, intellect, and fictionalized encounters with infamous figures from the annals of true crime history.