In the digital era, having a dedicated mobile app is practically a must if you want to stand out from the competition. Anything and everything that helps you gain an extra lead are vital to the success of your business. By publishing an app to both Google Play and Apple App Store, you’ll be placing yourself in front of your prospective customers and this is exactly where you want to be.

Apps are changing the game by empowering businesses and people

Not only do people love apps; nowadays, living without your trusty smartphone in your back pocket is practically unimaginable. Think of them as a Swiss Army Knife – they can help you get things done better, faster, and more efficiently. With them, you can improve several areas of your life. In fact, apps have single-handedly transformed several industries, including:

·        Transportation and food delivery

·        Home service

·        News and entertainment, etc.

Apps are the central communication hub between businesses and customers. Are you organizing a special event or maybe you’re offering special discounts for a limited period of time? Let them know through push notifications. Want to make it easier for them to find you? Integrate an easy-to-navigate map that will lead them straight to your premises. With a creative mind, the sky’s the limit!

Thanks to the top mobile app development companies, it’s easy to have an app developed even if you can’t write a single line of code. Today, we will introduce some of the best mobile app development companies in India, some of which have an international presence. This will shorten the time it will take you to do your research and help you discover the most suitable app developer in India.

Best App Development Companies in India:

With this out of the way, we can proceed straight to the top mobile app development companies list. Note that we haven’t deliberately arranged them in any particular order, nor do we claim that any of these companies are necessarily better than the others. They’re just different in their own right and every single one brings something unique to the table. Our job is to highlight what makes each individual app developer stand out and why the company is a great option for you to consider.

1. eFlair Webtech

What started as a small team in 2011, quickly grew into one of the best app development agencies in India that serve globally. eFlair stands out by prioritizing the end-user first and then building the tech backward to attain an immersive user experience. As a result, they have built several mobile apps, and SaaS products are rated higher than the competition consistently due to their customer-centric approach that focuses on speed and intuitiveness.

Another specialty with eFlair is they understand that for customers with a large target audience, a path to seamless upgradeability needs a schema design that can accommodate future changes. This is one of the most underrated yet essential traits one should look into while hiring a top app developer.

They are well-equipped to serve clientele ranging from funded startups to large enterprises helping them conquer the digital space and attain an innovative edge in the marketplace.

2. Codewave Technologies

Founded in 2015, Codewave Technologies is a Bangalore-based app development company that specializes in UX/UI design, mobile, and web development. The main portion of their clientele falls into the category of healthcare, education, and financial. They have their own cloud system for integrating time-tracking apps. You can hire them to create both iOS and Android apps.

3. TechAhead

This Southern California-based mobile app development company also has an office in India. Since 2009, their developers have been focused on UI/UX design. TechAhead happens to be one of the world’s largest companies, trusted by several Fortune 500 clients. One of their specialties is developing scalable apps at an unprecedented speed.

4. Lollypop Design Studio

Since 2013, their team has retained a strong focus on user experience, completing several successful projects to date. Based in Bangalore, India, Lollypop Design Studio covers a wide range of fields, markets, and industries, including education, food, healthcare, and social media. One of their notable projects was creating a front-end interface focused on UX through which powerful automation software can be controlled.

5. Accenture

Formerly known as Digital, Accenture is a multinational company based in Ireland. Although IT consulting is one of their main fields of focus, they also happen to have a crew consisting of the world’s top app developers. Apart from that, they also provide analytics, digital marketing, and mobility services.

6. Appinventiv Technologies

This is a mobile app development agency that helps you increase your mobile presence. Specializing in iOS apps, many startups and Fortune 500 companies come to them to turn their vision into reality. From first entering the market in 2015, the company now houses 650+ tech experts and has more than 1000 successfully completed projects under its belt. They can help you out with anything IoT, machine learning, and AI-related.

7. Capgemini

Capgemini is a huge multinational IT company. Based in France, their tech experts have positioned themselves as market leaders in the digital space, offering digital transformation, IT consulting, technology, and engineering services. The company’s vision is to pave the way to a sustainable future through technology.

8. CognitiveClouds

Since 2012, CognitiveClouds has remained one of the best app development agencies in the mobile space. With a base of operations in India, their team of 73+ tech experts provides a broad range of services, including web development, app development, and UX/UI design. This company can also help you get your app published, whether it be on Apple App Store or Google Play.

9. Algoworks

With one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry, Algoworks has successfully developed over 500 apps for several startups and Fortune 500 companies. This has earned it an honorable mention in Deloitte. Their talented development crew specializes in making online shopping as pleasurable and efficient as it can be, developing stellar eCommerce app solutions for Indian clients as well as those from abroad.

10. Intelivita

With a central base of operations in the UK, Intelivita’s operations have successfully been extending their reach abroad ever since the big launch in 2014. Nowadays, the company also has a presence in India. Their small yet dedicated team specializes in mobile app development, web development, as well as AR/VR. UI/UX design is one of their strongest areas of focus.

11. Sparx IT Solutions

Since its early beginnings in 2007, this India-based company has diligently been serving its customers through app development and web development services. Its operations are focused on serving small and mid-sized businesses. Nowadays, their talented tech crew is collaborating with clients across several industries, including those in the education, marketing, and eCommerce sectors.

12. Infosys

Infosys is one of those Indian companies that managed to attain multinational acclaim. Over time, the company has become a global leader in IT consulting, third-party services integration, and digital transformation. Their breakthrough achievement is Finacle, a universal banking solution that’s widely implemented in modern corporate settings. The industries they serve fall into insurance, finance, manufacturing, and other categories.

13. Excellent Webworld

Founded in India, Excellent Webworld houses the industry’s top app developers that will help you execute an idea and bring it from the concept stage all the way to the finish line. User-friendly experience is at the forefront of their apps’ design, and their projects see the light of day in a timely manner without costing you an arm and a leg.

14. Space-O Technologies

This India-based app development company has been diligently serving its clients ever since 2010. Known for developing enterprise-level apps, this is the business partner to turn to if you find yourself in need of robust industry-grade apps and software solutions optimized for Android, iOS, and Windows. Healthcare is the primary industry they serve.

15. Auxano Global Services

This digital agency had its humble beginnings in 2011. Employing in excess of 50 talented individuals who are well versed in the art of coding, Auxano Global Services is a recognized name in the gaming, automotive, hospitality, and consumer services sphere. Apart from India, their offices can also be found in Canada and abroad. They specialize in IoT, web development, app development, and IT managed services.

16. Zensar

Zensar is a massive global organization that built its name in the industry by putting user experience first. Through diligence, advanced engineering services, foundation and application services, data engineering, and analytics, this is one of the IT industry’s giants. Zensar works with clients with a wide range of different backgrounds, including those from high-tech manufacturing, banking, insurance, retail, and other industries.

17. RootQuotient

This Montreal-based app development company also has a branch in India. From small businesses to mid-sized companies, a wide range of clients from several industries have chosen RootQuotient as their go-to partner for anything development-related. Cross-platform app development is one of their core strengths. As far as notable projects go, the company has developed a platform for facilitating communication between students and their parents. Thanks to their contribution, school attendance tracking is now a breeze.

18. Promatics Technologies

With more than 150 developers on board, this web and mobile app development company can swiftly resolve your UI/UX problems at moment’s notice. Their client base includes big industry names from the Fortune 500 class. Through their customer-centric approach, they will hold your hand and guide you from concept to execution.

19. Geekyants

From its headquarters in Bangalore, India, Geekyants has a rich history of app development that’s spanning all the way back to 2006. Being one of the most versatile developers on the list, they serve a plethora of clients of varying sizes, industries, and backgrounds. In fact, Google is one of the big names they’ve worked with. Apart from web development, they can also help you increase your sales and drive higher engagement from your customers.

20. The Ninehertz

Their early beginnings in 2008 brought this India-based mobile app development company to great success. Since their early days, The Ninehertz has developed more than 1000 apps. Nowadays, they have a multinational presence and you can find one of their offices in Dubai, Australia, and the US. Affordable pricing models are some of their fundamental competitive advantages, and with their know-how, they can tackle anything from eCommerce apps, streaming apps, gaming apps, financial apps, and more.

21. Grey Chain

Making its first steps in 2016, Grey Chain is one of the youngest mobile app development companies on this list. Nevertheless, their mindset is to serve their clients equally well, regardless of whether they’re small businesses or large corporations. Apart from the standard app and web development, they will also help you freshen up your apps, giving them a modernized vibe.

22. Daffodil Software

If you’re looking for one of the best mobile app development companies that can also help you grow your revenue, look no further. This Indian-based company started its operations in 1999 and boasts itself with a decently-sized and unquestionably devoted team of 500+ people with a tech background. Their specialty lies in developing cross-platform apps. They are particularly well-known in the healthcare industry and are regarded as an experienced medical consultation provider.


App Development is a tough beast to tame so it’s best to leave the matter in the talented hands of the Top App Developers in India. Not only are they the masters of their craft, but they also offer competitive pricing that is generally much more affordable than what you’d pay in the west.