Technology is rapidly improving every single day, offering new innovations and revolutionary projects every year and adding something new to the world. Any time soon, someone out there is creating an exceptional future technology. 

What is it that is so fascinating about future technology?

Quantum, Smart Dust, the Metaverse… You’ve heard about it all from everywhere. Seen it all. Read about it. These technologies no longer hold any secrets for you. Well, you’ve probably talked about them over dinner or at work or a casual meetup with friends and have become the go-to person for questions about future innovations, right?

Well, you’re not the only one talking about how technology is changing the course of our world.

The development of new future technologies is expected to slowly change the world that we live in. What you saw in Sci-Fi movies years ago has started to turn into reality.

Although the technology is ever-changing, and this precious knowledge must be both managed and updated regularly keeping this in our head, we’ve managed to give you some details about the top 5 future technologies as you see them going through trials and much more.

The Top 5 Future Technologies Are –

  1. Blockchain
  2. Personal Digital Assistant
  3. Virtual And Augmented Reality
  4. The Array Of Things (AoT)
  5. Self Driving Vehicles

Description Of The Top 5 Future Technologies-


Blockchain technology has been around for years, but in 2022, it will become a part of almost every industrial sector. The technology behind blockchain makes it ideal for areas like banking, healthcare, politics, and so on. 

The Blockchain is basically used by cryptocurrencies. While many have heard about the type of currencies that are all over the world like bitcoin, etherium, and so on, few actually know how the technology behind it actually works.

A blockchain is a decentralised online system of transactions, which uses encryption and the peer to peer (P2P) network in order to make sure all the information is safe and secure. 


Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) are small network computers which can fit on the palm of your hand and operate. PDAs have become increasingly networked, offering 802.11 and in some cases cellular networking. PDAs have become so powerful that they are sometimes used as replacements for laptops or desktops.

It’s brilliant to see how far machine learning has progressed. It’s one thing to ask ‘what’s the weather?’ and it’s a totally different thing to say ‘Hey, book me a movie ticket for 2”.


Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are changing the course of the world that we live in. VR connects the user to an environment while AR enhances their environment and experience. Although this technology has primarily been used for gaming so far, it has also been used for training, as with VirtualShip, a simulation software used to train U.S. Navy, Army.

In 2022, we can expect these forms of technologies to be further integrated into our lives as we see technology to advance and change the way we live today.


 Array of Things is a network of sensors that collect data which is used by scientists or policymakers to implement legitimate changes and solve various types of problems in a city. The idea here is simple. All the gathered data reveals various patterns which leads to getting a clear vision of the problems and what steps shall be taken to avoid them.

The information which is gathered gets uploaded on a portal that’s available to everyone. Therefore, developers can use this information to create new applications and come up with solutions for existing problems.


We don’t know when we will have flying cars but we do know that the era of self-driving vehicles or automotive vehicles has come. Companies like Apple, Google and Tesla have been working on self-driving cars for years now. It’s safe to tell you that the whole process is based on lots of trial and error, but their progress is definitely impressive.

To Conclude

We are heading over to an era that is seemingly exciting and advanced. All the things we’ve seen in movies or have imagined are slowly starting to get into reality as we move past time, we see enormous changes in the way technology has developed. After all technologies are made to make human lives and society better.