Shopee is the leading e-commerce store in Malaysia and has become the first app downloaded by people around the world. Besides that, Shopee is a big platform that has 10 million active sellers.

The success of Shopee is based on the result of their prepared work module and their strategic plan for  Shopee expansion in South East Asia and now  Shopee has become the most popular in South-East Asia countries.

Shopee to close India operations tomorrow. Read its message for shoppers

Besides that, Shopee is a good shopping site that makes people feel comfortable when using it. The reason why Shopee is a good shopping platform is that Shopee has its presence on many social media and has many language options to choose from. You can sell and buy many things there too.

The secret of how shopee Succeeded are as follow:

Mobile Friendly

As you know,  Shopee was founded in 2015. Back in 2015, people were still buying things at the shop and e-commerce is not as booming as it is now.  Shopee founders have done the research and predict that e-commerce will be booming and grow significantly in the few years.

Shopee Founder Li Xiaodong Becomes

Besides that, they predict many people will use phones in their daily life. That’s why  Shopee decided to make a mobile-friendly application when others focus on their website only.

 Shopee has become the most visited app nowadays because it has easy navigation, a clean design, and is also mobile-friendly. You will get many promotions too.

Focus On The Localization

Not only the application, but Shopee also focuses on localization.  Shopee is available in 7 countries that have different languages, cultures, and habits.

Finding what each people’s interested in is important to create more market-specific features. By finding what they are interested in, you can attract and appeal to more customers in each market.

The example of the website  Shopee localization by selling things that suit the country and culture. If the country’s majority is Muslim, so  Shopee has offered more products that suit Muslim customers. Understanding the market can help to attract more potential customers on a nationwide scale.

Many Promotions And Great Services

Another secret why  Shopee is successful is because  Shopee offers many promotions and great services. All people love promotions, that’s why offering promotions really help your business. There are several promotions you can offer such as free shipping, flash sales, and discounts.

Does Shopee Make Profit?

Why  Shopee is important? It is because  Shopee is the leading e-commerce and a role model for a successful e-commerce platform.  Shopee is a popular marketplace that also offers free shipping, discount vouchers, rewards, and also games.

You might be curious about how  Shopee makes a profit. As you know there is a seller and buyer in  Shopee which means there are many transactions happening in  Shopee every day.

Shopee makes a profit from the e-commerce marketplace commission, the transaction fees, fulfillment services, payment processing fee, and also the cost per click advertising on the Shopee platform so when you click the ads at  Shopee,  Shopee will get money from it.

What Is The Best-Seller On  Shopee?

 Shopee was founded in 2015 and just in a few years,  Shopee had turned into the most popular and leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia.  Shopee’s growth is the result of its prepared work module and its strategic plan for Shopee’s expansion in South East Asia.

Based on the Shopee case study interview,  Shopee is the most popular e-commerce platform because it is easy to use and mobile-friendly. Besides that, you can find your needs there at any time and any place.

What are the best selling things you can find at  Shopee? Based on the Shopee case study, it depends on the country because each country has different culture and habits but the common things that people find at  Shopee are :


Skincare has reached the top search on  Shopee. Nowadays many women pay more attention to their looks that’s why skincare has become a high-demand product.


Coffee addicts can’t stand without coffee a day. Many  Shopee sellers sell the variation of coffee because they know that coffee is never out of style.


Besides skincare, women are also interested in jewelry to make their appearance look better. That’s why jewelry also became the top search.

Kids Toys

As kids spend longer in reception because of school closures, parents must think about creative ways to keep them engaged and be able to think about their own work, too and toys are the answer.


Shopee has turned into the most popular e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia.  Shopee’s growth is the result of its prepared work module and its strategic plan for Shopee’s expansion in South East Asia.