Zephyr is a smart face mask built by Razer. The company claims, the mask is designed to be more comfortable and efficient in daily use. You can get the smart mask at $99.99.

Razer Inc. is a Singaporean-American Tech company, founded in 2005 by Min-Liang Tan and Robert Krakoff. It is headquartered in Irvine, California. The company designs, develops, and markets consumer electronics, financial services, and gaming hardware.

During the global pandemic, like most companies, Razer also manufactured masks to fight against Covid19. The company claims to have donated over 1 million masks around the world.

At the time of the early pandemic, the government had made it mandatory to wear a mask every time when in contact with another person or in public places. In the beginning, people followed the rules strictly, but soon they began to lose interest and avoided wearing masks at all times. The masks manufactured at the time were plain white or blue and some were uncomfortable to wear for a longer period.

Later manufacturers began to experiment to develop a mask that will be both comfortable and attractive. Some began to collaborate with the entertainment industry and design accordingly, for instance, film or tv show characters. While others focused on making a mask more comfortable.

Razer Inc. has also been secretly designing “The World’s Smartest Mask” as the company states.

‘Project Zephyr’ is what it is called. It is available at $99.99.

The company has taken various factors into consideration while building this smart mask.

·       The Mask is qualified as a ‘Surgical N95 Respirator.’

·       It also has ‘High fluid resistance’ which protects against droplets and splashes.

·       The mask has dual intake fans for active ventilation. As you inhale, it brings in cool air, and on exhale, it releases heat through the ventilation.

·       Because of consistent ventilation, it prevents from building or storing CO2 inside the mask.

·       The transparent design helps communication run smoothly, as the opposite person can conclude what you have to say.

·       The mask has a built-in mic and amp, which doesn’t muffle your voice while conversing as regular masks do.

·       It has interior lights set in to keep your face visible in a dim lighting setting.

·       The mask is scratch resistance and waterproof.

·       The product is made from recyclable plastic.

·       In addition, the mask has a silicon guard to fit comfortably around your nose.·       The mask can last up to 8 hours if set at low fan speed and disabled chroma lighting.