Delhi intends to have one public charging point for every 15 EVs by 2024, scattered evenly across the state and available within 3 km travel from anywhere in Delhi.

As per the report, Delhi presently has at least 2,452 charging points spread across 1,919 locations and 234 swapping stations. It also said that five battery swapping docks will be assumed equal to one charging point under the target.

This three-year action plan was stated two years after the launch of Delhi’s EV policy. The action plan aims at developing a unified strategy for deploying EV charging stations and battery swapping facilities in Delhi.

The Delhi government will observe EV charging or swapping use cases based on charging requirements for different market segments, such as passenger vehicles, fleet owners for passenger and freight, delivery service providers, and public transport vehicles. It will also recognize priority vehicle segments to determine which type of chargers and solutions to prioritise.

Since the launch of the Delhi EV policy, EV sales in Delhi have shown a remarkable growth with EVs averaging more than 10% of the monthly sales in 2022,” Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot mentioned in a statement.

The action plan for deployment of EV charging infrastructure is a statement of intent and the approach to be followed by the Government of NCT (National Capital Territory) of Delhi over the next three years to ensure that the pace of installing charging and swapping stations compliments the pace of EV adoption in the city,” he further added.