BMC plans to install air purifiers at Dahisar Toll, Mulund Checkpoint, Mankhurd, Kalanagar Junction, and Haji Ali Junction.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Saturday tabled the budget of Rs 5,261,907 crore for 2023-2024. This time, the budget is estimated to be 14.52% higher than the amount for 2022-23.

The budget was submitted to City Commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal, who is the state-appointed administrator of civic institutions. “The budget for 2023-2024 is estimated at Rs 52,619.07 crore, which is 14.52% or Rs 459,492.1 crore higher than the budget estimate for 2022-23,” the budget document said.

It is the first time since 1985 that the executive branch of the country’s wealthiest municipal agency has submitted a budget to executives, as its five-year term as a corporate entity ends on March 7, 2022. BMC plans to install air purifiers in the 5 most congested areas viz. Dahisar Toll Naka, Mulund Check Naka, Mankhurd, Kalanagar Junction, and Haji Ali Junction. BMC Budget Highlights: Financial support to BEST in 2023: Considering the importance of public transport, an allocation of Rs 800 crore is proposed in the budget estimates for 2023-2024.

Beautification of India Gate will commence, including beautification of junctions in the area, artwork considering the arches of India Gate, improvement of pedestrian-friendly stamped concrete sidewalks, and other additional works for the India Gate area.

Installation of charging stations for electric vehicles in public car parks: BMC is preparing to install charging systems in municipal public car parks and to manage them via private service providers. The cost of setting up the pricing system will be borne by civil society organizations and the BMC will receive revenue based on the principle of revenue sharing.

Online pool membership: Development of a new online registration system with a waiting list function for pool members, and the system has received a good response.

About 6,000 members have registered through the system. At present, the total membership of the municipal swimming pool is 27,000 and it is expected to increase to 50,000 next year.

BMC has decided to develop a parking app based on which the 32 public off-street (PPL) parking lots and 91 on-street parking lots will be regulated to provide better services to citizens.

Projects 1, 2, and 4 of the Mumbai (South) Coastal Highway Project are ongoing and 69% of the project has been completed to date. In Lot IV, one tunnel has been completed and the drilling of the second tunnel from Girgaon Chowpaty to Priyadarshini Park is 90% complete (1875m) by December 2022.

The Goregaon-Mulund Link Road (GMLR) project is one of the fourth most valuable trunk roads linking the eastern and western suburbs. The project will be implemented in four phases.

so far approx. 990 kilometers of roads have been paved with concrete. In January 2022, approximately 210 kilometers of road concreting works were ordered. 166 km of roads were concreted in 2022-23, including last year’s overflow works and the last work order.

The main roads to be completed in 2022-2023 are N. S. Patkar Road, Aarey Colony Road, and I.C. Colony Road in the western suburbs of the city, and Andheri-Kurla Link Road in the eastern suburbs.