Tesla’s newest diversion item, the TeslaMic, is a pair of karaoke mics for use in Tesla automobiles that connect with accompanying in-car applications. The item was released along with a Chinese New Year software upgrade that included an accompanying karaoke application called Leishi KTV, which is available exclusively in China.

The TeslaMic retailed for 1,199 CNY ($188.48 USD) on the Chinese Tesla web retailer. We say ‘was’since it appears to have gone out in under an hour, and the page no longer loads. There have already been reports of people selling the goods for much more than it’s value.

‘Caraoke’ was the initial Tesla in-car karaoke program, which was introduced in additional locations in 2019 and is still usable while pulling wheelies. This is comparable to how some Tesla Arcade applications, such as Solitaire, were deactivated after being investigated by the federal govt.

Tesla is attempting to leverage on its reputation as a luxury brand by releasing a slew of bizarre goods, ranging from its $250 Tesla Tequila to crude jokes like the $69.420 short-shorts, that were also devoured by Tesla fans. Tesla revealed last week in its earnings announcement that no new car variants will be created this year, along with the Cybertruck, which has been further postponed, in favour of speeding manufacturing of its existing models. Elon Musk lately announced that the company would accept Dogecoin, his preferred meme-cryptocurrency, in return for products, like Cybertruck-shaped whistles and the Cyberquad ATV — but for kids.

Tesla also offers a new 18-watt Qi-wireless charger battery pack with a 10,000mAh capability that suits the Model 3/Y’s charging plate and substitutes the earlier, sluggish, and lower-capacity variants. The corporation also released a new tailored pet cover for the back seats, which is another item of commerce or accessories from the automaker that could be useful.

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