Tesla said on Monday that its capital investment for 2023 will surpass the $7 billion to $9 billion goal it set earlier this year, as the electric car maker speeds up production at its sites and prepares to introduce new models.

Tesla, Inc. is an American corporation located in Palo Alto, California that provides sustainable electric power solutions and electric vehicles. It focuses on providing clean renewable electric energy and high-quality electric vehicles for the general people worldwide. Tesla is world-renowned for its Tesla vehicles and their incredible performance on the road. Furthermore, Tesla’s CEO is world-renowned entrepreneur Elon Musk.

Tesla is well-known for its 0$ marketing campaign. That’s correct. Apart from its launches, Tesla hardly spends any money on marketing. This may seem weird, yet it is true. Tesla has reaped several advantages from its operations and channeled those gains into its marketing strategy.

The marketing mix comprises of four P’s which help in growth: product, price, place, and promotion. It aids in the development of the company’s marketing strategy. Tesla has brilliant minds working tirelessly behind the scenes to maximize revenues. 

Tesla currently does not have any franchises. This company removed the scaffold of third-party engagement by claiming retailers via its online-based structure. It makes use of the difficulties to convey the concept. 

Its automobiles are unquestionable; yet, since this organization does not have a large inventory like other car organizations, Tesla makes it tough to get its vehicles. As a result, only a select group of people can get them, which is exactly what this organization needs.

After a third-quarter factory retooling that reduced deliveries and ate into profitability, Tesla is set to begin shipments of its revised Model 3 small car and the “Blade Runner”-inspired Cybertruck in the last three months of the year.

According to a regulatory filing, the company’s expenditure is likely to return to the $7 billion to $9 billion level in the following two years.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, said on the firm’s earnings call earlier this month that the business was hesitant to build a facility in Mexico due to the country’s volatile economic outlook.

He cautioned that increasing interest rates might affect Tesla’s demand, which has relied on a margin-sapping pricing battle to sustain sales this year.