Technology will save the day, India as a country has brought communication revolution during a time of uncertainty.

Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) need to invest in technology that will help them build resilience and enhance their business services. Covid19 has accelerated digital adoption across industry segments which have given a lot of opportunities for companies to innovate. Technology has permeated to the remotest parts of the country, but innovative technologies and smart digital solutions are further required at affordable costs which would give a quantum leap to SMBs for post covid growth along with regular and incremental organic growth in fact, technology is the plank that can enable SMBs to become future-ready and compete with large businesses.

Tata Teleservices in a new avatar called Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS)  By CIOReviewIndia Team

We had the pleasure of conversing with Mr Jithesh Ambady, Head IT, Telligent Support LLP. We were interacting to understand the initial challenges that his organization faced during the pandemic and how the Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) products helped them in maintaining business continuity in a secured manner.

Jitesh Ambady
Jitesh Ambady

To introduce, “Mr. Jithesh Ambady, works as senior I.T. manager with Telligent Support LLP, a B.P.O that provides inbound call center services.”

Mr. Jithesh was very passionate about his role in the organisation, and he started to share the initial days of his work. That’s when we wanted to know the challenges that their organisation faced prior to implementing solutions by Tata Teleservices. He said that “We initially faced a challenge on the voice processes while using the International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC). The biggest challenge was the clarity of voice during the data transmission. The client also faced a lag while on voice call.”

As we were conversing with Mr. Jithesh, we could sense that he’s got high regard for the TTBS products, and we asked him the key features of services offered by Tata Tele Business Services which met their needs. He responded by stating that “Tata Tele Business Services provide a huge helping hand by offering unparalleled IPLC, Internet services catering their voice, non-voice and domestic verticals of the client’s business.”

We were curious to know about his affinity towards the TTBS products and we asked him the key highlights of TTBS service that he felt like a game-changer. His response clearly reflected why the TATAs are always at the top of their game. “At the initial stage of business, the client face quite a lot of challenges on the operations front. Understanding the situation, the TTBS offered a personalised service wherein the executives from the TTBS stepped in at the client’s office and helped them with solution inputs to set-up seamless business.” Stunning, isn’t it?

iManage self-care App is a one-stop- platform for the easy management of the TTBS account. We asked Mr. Jithesh if he is familiar with it to which he responded stating that “I recently started using the e iManage application and found it very user-friendly. t.”

We winded up this crisp, yet meaningful interview asking if he’s willing to refer the TTBS products & services to his counterpart organisation and we were delighted to hear him say,
‘’ The technical services offered by the TTBS are undoubtedly the best in the country and I will certainly recommend the TTBS to other organizations.”

Tele Business Services

TTBS is democratising technology for SMBs to help them gain high-scale automation, easy monitoring, operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness with its smart collaboration and connectivity solutions like Smart Internet with built-in cloud security, Smart VPN, Smartflo – an ultra-flexible cloud communication suite, advanced cybersecurity through Cloud Content Security Platform (CCSP) , SD-WAN iFLX- an intelligently flexible solution (built on Fortinet’s platform) for network optimization, EZ Cloud Connect – a dedicated private network gateway to Public Clouds. TTBS has also collaborated with Zoom Video Inc to provide world-class video conferencing facilities. All these solutions enable SMBs to maintain business continuity in a flexible, scalable, and secure manner.