The need for ideal solutions required to improve the hybrid models while maintaining internet and data security

Tata Tele Business Services enhances Hybrid Work Models for Modern Manufacturing Industry

India, 23rd, June, 2022: Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS), India’s leading B2B digital services provider hosted its flagship industry forum CXO Round Table discussion on “Enhancing Hybrid Work Models For Manufacturing Industry”. Manufacturing sector has always been considered as backbone of the economy and there is a huge demand and scope for digitization. The meet focused on discussion to develop the growth strategy for manufacturing entities that makes them digitally agile and future ready as they follow hybrid way of working. The discussion also centred around the challenges and role of technology in enhancing the Hybrid Work Models and the Data Security.

The notable participant speakers as well as TTBS representatives for the event were- Ms. Mohanasundari Jaganathan , Managing Director, Sharp Electrodes Pvt Ltd, Mr. Ganesh Mathivanan, Director IT,  Just Energy India , Mr.L.R.Venkatesh Managing Director, Vesat Renewables Pvt Ltd, Mr. Subbaiah Rajendran, Director Engineering Services, Navandes LLP, anchored by Mr. Muthu Prasanna, Founder- Crumbles.

The speakers shared their experience on how they had to re-calibrate the IT infrastructure and re-innovate the entire digitisation processes. The business leaders shared their industry stories on business continuity by adopting technologies that facilitated hybrid working and collaborating with their employees and customers efficiently.

Sharing his views on the subject, Mr. Kalidas KS, Vice- President, Tata Teleservices, said “Most of the manufacturing businesses have adopted our connectivity and collaboration solutions that help them reduce the operating costs by digitizing production, logistics and distribution. We are helping manufacturing firms to gain high-scale automation, easy monitoring, operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness with the best solutions necessary to enhance the hybrid work models while ensuring the internet and data security. Our smart collaboration and connectivity solutions like Smart Internet (with build-n cloud security and manageability), Smartflo – advanced cloud communication suite, cyber security solutions, SD-WAN iFlx enable enterprises to maintain business continuity in a flexible, scalable, and secure manner and boost their customer experience substantially.”

Ms. Mohanasundari Jaganathan- Managing Director, Sharp Electrodes Pvt Ltd said, “We certainly see the growth happening now with hybrid models. We endeavour into the pumps and welding electrode manufacturing industry, and I am glad to see a phenomenal growth in the industry pairing up with few overseas orders in the recent days.”

Mr. Ganesh Mathivanan – Director IT, Just Energy India said, “It is nearly impossible to introduce a full-fledged remote working environment for the manufacturing industry. But what we did to ensure our labours were safe was, we made sure each of their organization’s departments were spread from one another. This led to avoid huge mass of people being stagnant at the same place. The non-technical staff who would offer constant support were made to work from a remote location but with a continuous tele presence.”

Mr. LR Venkatesh Managing Director, Vesat Renewables Pvt Ltd, In today’s world, as much as expectations is levied on the quality, the corresponding strength of workforce is always low. Henceforth, we have adopted the automation as our strong suit to not only reduce our dependency on the workforce but also to increase the quality of the products.”

Mr. Subbaiah Rajendran, Director Engineering Services, Navandes LLP, “Just like the Quality Management Systems that we have for the manufacturing process, there must be a Digital Quality Management Systems that measures the digital well-being, cyber security, IT infrastructure and this has to be audited regularly to ensure the integrity of the organization is kept intact.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Smart Delegation of Work
  • Safety Protocols To Be maintained
  • Digital Quality Management Systems

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