Tata put up a proposal for a Rs 40,000 crore chip processing facility in Assam. The chief minister of Assam affirmed the application and stated that the business requested final clearance from the Center. Tata and the state government spoke about the facility, and if it is allowed, it will result in a large investment and the creation of jobs. Furthermore, Tata intends to build a sizable iPhone assembly plant in Tamil Nadu with the goal of hiring 50,000 people in two years.


As part of its plans to establish a chip processing plant in Assam, Tata has put in a proposal that will cost over Rs 40,000 crore. The announcement was made one day after it was reported that the business intended to build an iPhone plant in Tamil Nadu.

“We have some excellent news to share. At a gathering held here, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma announced that Tata Electronics Ltd. had submitted an application to establish an electronic center at Jagiroad.

He stated that following talks with the state government, the corporation went to the Center for the final approval.

“They have submitted an offer to the Government of India with an investment of about Rs 40,000 crore,” he stated.

From Guwahati, the capital city of the state, Jagiroad is roughly 55 miles away.

Final approval in a couple of months

According to Sarma, the Tata Group first discussed the semiconductor assembly and packaging factory with the state government. Satisfied with the conversations, they next approached the Center.

“If all goes according to plan, the state will see a significant investment that will foster industrialization.

We hope to receive the final approval in a month or two, and we are in communication with the Center,” he stated.

The CM claims that the conglomerate asked the state government to provide 1,000 individuals with training so they could work in the unit.

“We used to wonder why our state did not attract the electronics and IT industries. It’s changing now,” Sarma remarked.

Tata’s intentions for iPhone production

As part of Apple’s strategy to lessen its reliance on China, the company plans to diversify the manufacturing and transportation of its products, and Tata is building one of India’s largest iPhone assembly plants.

In Hosur, in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, Tata plans to build a factory that will reportedly have 20 assembly lines and employ 50,000 people in two years. In 12 to 18 months, the site should be up and running.

Apple hopes to build one-fourth of all iPhones in India by expanding iPhone manufacturing there in the meantime.