Indian Banking System has shown an immense outbreak even post-pandemic. Indian banking Index, Bank Nifty was around 25000 in the Covid hit 2020 and today Bank Nifty is trading at roughly 44250 levels. The increase and change in Index shows the level of growth and development in the Indian Banking and Financial sector. India has 100s of banks providing financial and banking services in India, some of the banks are showing tremendous growth and expansion in their business and operations. One of them is HDFC Bank. Today HDFC Bank is India’s most trusted and largest bank among the customers.

What is the reason for such huge success and growth of India’s leading bank HDFC?

Let’s get insight of the story of the HDFC Bank

Sucessful Business Model of HDFC Bank

Successful Business Model of HDFC Bank

Before knowing the business model let’s first understand the journey of HDFC Bank from the inception and its position today as one of the top and largest banks in India. Though there are other banks as well which have a standard market share in the banking industry, HDFC has grown and expanded its operation and customer base at very high rates.

Story of HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank was incorporated in the year 1994 around 29 years back.The company has a head office at Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is the subsidiary of Housing Development Finance Corporation. The company provides a wide variety of financial and banking services throughout India. Today it operates as one of the leading and largest private bank in India. Today the company has a market cap of around Rs.11.8 lakh crore roughly. 

Business Model of the HDFC Bank

HDFC bank has gained a huge customer base and strong financial records. Bank has recently shown a decrease in the NPA which is considered as a positive sign for the banking company. The bank provides best customer services and a better customer relationship. Bank has easy and user-friendly Internet and mobile banking sites and applications which allows users to experience the smooth payment gateway for their day to day transactions. HDFC Bank has been emerging as one of the most wanted Bank of the Commercial customers. Retail businessmen and companies are choosing HDFC for their financial services assistance. 

In the recent years, HDFC Bank has gained customer trust and loyalty which is one of the significant factors taking the bank to the current level.

The Bank has shown a tremendous increase in the deposit and advances numbers, which shows the customer’s trust and safety in the bank. HDFC Bank operates with a robust financial and banking service model which helps the Bank to generate higher revenue and EBITA. 

HDFC bank provides two way end to end customer services and communication to assist the customer and provide them satisfactory services.

Bank has sanctioned a standard level of loans and advances to different sectors which is the highest among the business of banking in India.

Merger and Acquisition of HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank has recently merged its HDFC into it. Now, HDFC and HDFC Bank have been merged as one HDFC Bank.The merger took place recently from July 2023.

Earlier Merger and Acquisition of HDFC Bank

  • In the year 2008, HDFC Bank acquired Centurion Bank of Punjab, the deal was among the largest mergers in the banking sector at that time.
  • In 2000, HDFC bank merged with Times Bank (Times Group).
  • Furthermore, since its incorporation, HDFC Bank has acquired stake in many companies and banks.

Products and Services Offered by HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank provides a range of products and services to the customers in the banking and financial sector.

It provides personal loans, home loans, vehicle loans, commercial business loans.

Further HDFC Bank also offers KCC, CC limit, Gold loan, retail banking and wholesale banking.

It provides credit cards and other plastic cards to the customer. HDFC bank has a strong and friendly internet and mobile banking services for the customers to make easy and fast payments. 


HDFC has been awarded with many awards and recognition for its services and performance in the financial and banking sector.

SOme of the award and recognition of HDFC Bank:

  • Finance Asia Country Awards awarded HDFC Bank as one of the Best Bank in India.
  • Best large bank and fastest growing large bank
  • Best performing private bank
  • National Payments Excellence Awards
  • Bank of the year
  • Best Banking Performer
  • Company of the Year
  • 1st in Top 75 Most Valuable Indian Brands


Today HDFC Bank has around 8300 branches allocated all over India. Company has more than 19000 ATMs and operates in around more than 3500 cities in India.Bank has employees around 175000+ people as per the reports in 2023.Further, HDFC Bank has POs terminals which operates in different cities with roughly around 425000+ Pos.

Increasing customer base and demand for debit cards and credit cards has allowed HDFC Bank to issue billions of plastic cards. 


HDFC Bank has shown outstanding results in the last quarter. Few insight on the financials of HDFC Bank for the 1st Quarter of F.Y 2023-24

HDFC bank has Total Income of roughly around 58 thousand crore in the 1st quarter.It is approx 3500 crore more from the last quarter of F.Y 2022-23. The net profit was around 11000 crore.There has been a significant increase in the EPS from Rs. 16.57 in 1st quarter of F.Y 2022-23 to Rs.21.40 in 1st quarter of F.Y 2023-24.


HDFC Bank is showing a positive growth and increase in the operations in the past few years. The bank has outperformed in all the fields of the sectors. Whether it is a customer base, Loans and advances, accounts, deposits. HDFC has built a robust business model with strong financials in the recent years.

Disclaimer: The article covers the deep insight into the business of HDFC Bank. We do not promote any services or products or HDFC bank through this article. The article is solely for your information purpose.