AI Music’s technology uses royalty-free music and artificial intelligence to produce soundtracks.

According to a source familiar with the subject, Apple has bought AI Music, a company that employs artificial intelligence to create custom music. This technology might be applied across Apple’s audio services.

In recent weeks, the purchase of AI Music, a London-based company launched in 2016, was completed. Before the acquisition, the company employed roughly a half-dozen people.

According to a copy of AI Music’s now-defunct website, the company’s technology can produce soundtracks utilising royalty-free music and artificial intelligence. The goal is to create dynamic soundtracks that alter in response to human input. For example, music in a video game may adjust to the user’s mood or music during a workout could adjust to the user’s intensity.

AI Music’s mission, according to its LinkedIn page, is to “provide consumers the power to choose the music they want, seamlessly modified to match their needs, or create dynamic solutions that adapt to their audiences.” The company had previously worked with ad agencies to create more engaging ads that played changing music depending on the viewer.

Apple’s Cupertino, California headquarters declined to comment.

Despite its small size, the acquisition is one of the IT giant’s few in the last year. Apple’s most recent acquisition was Primephonic, a music startup. This year, Apple plans to integrate that startup’s classical music streaming service into an app related to Apple Music.

According to a filing in October, Apple substantially reduced its acquisition spending in 2021, allocating only $33 million (approximately Rs. 250 crores) to deal payments for the fiscal year. This compares to $1.5 billion (about Rs. 11,200 crore) in 2020 and $624 million (approximately Rs. 4,660 crore) in 2019.