Spicejet customers who are stranded in the restroom on a Mumbai-Bengaluru aircraft because of a broken door will receive a complete refund.

Spicejet Guarantees

A male traveler who became trapped in the restroom of a Bengaluru flight has been assured by Spicejet of receiving a full refund. The man was trapped in the restroom due to a broken door. When the Spicejet plane arrived at Bengaluru airport, he was saved.

The event occurred on Tuesday, January 16, on a Spicejet flight from Mumbai to Bengaluru.

“Unfortunately, a customer on a SpiceJet trip from Mumbai to Bengaluru became trapped in the restroom for approximately an hour while the aircraft was in the air because of a broken door lock. Our personnel supported and advised the passenger during the entire trip. A Spicejet representative stated, “Upon arrival, an engineer unlocked the restroom door, and the traveler got emergency medical attention.

“The passenger who got stuck inside the lavatory for about an hour on a SpiceJet flight operating from Mumbai to Bengaluru is being provided with a full refund,” the SpiceJet representative added.

According to the Times of India, the event happened on flight SG-268, which departed from Mumbai airport around two in the morning. According to accounts, as soon as the aircraft took off, a passenger from seat number 14D rushed to the restroom but was unable to leave because the door would not open. The passengers and crew attempted, but were unsuccessful, to assist in opening the door from the outside.

Social media users shared a handwritten message that appeared to have been given to the stranded passenger by cabin staff. “Sir, we tried our best to open the door,” the note said. But we were unable to open it. We will arrive in a few minutes, so don’t freak out. Thus, kindly shut the toilet cover, take a seat, and brace yourself. The engineer will arrive as soon as the main door is opened. Remain calm.

According to a study by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), 712 scheduled domestic airlines received complaints about passengers in December 2023, with flight issues and refunds accounting for the majority of these complaints.

According to the data, the scheduled domestic airlines received 712 complaints about passengers in December 2023. For December 2023, the number of complaints per 10,000 passengers carried was approximately 0.52. The two main causes of complaints are refunds and flying issues. 705 (or around 99 percent) of the 721 complaints that airlines received have been resolved.