The IT Company stated, “Infosys remains committed to making rapid progress and has currently dedicated more than 750 resources to this project to complete significant portions of work…”

Information Technology giant, Infosys addressed on September 23, 2021, that some of its users are experiencing issues while approaching the company’s income tax portal. However, it is pledged that the portal is functioning in the most swift and efficient way. Additionally, in order to rationalize and provide hassle-free ultimate-user experience, the company is in collaboration directly with the Income Tax Department.

Infosys Income Tax Portal

After a series of continuous denunciations for problems faced in the portal post its launch a few months ago, the Indian multinational establishment assures by stating that it has witnessed an unceasing increase in the usage scale of the portal, especially in the last few weeks. It has also been observed reportedly that the portal has crossed more than 3 crore tax-paying individuals accessing the site and processing their transactions effectively.

The company admits the continuous troublesome issues faced by some of its users and in the regard of getting a clear picture, the IT company also participated in interacting directly with over twelve hundred taxpayers who faced the problems in the income tax portal.

The Bengaluru-based company brought into notice that it is piloting its operations to quickly resolve these complications. It also shared that it is engaging its work with the Chartered Accountant community to make sure various detailed users’ problems are taken into consideration and tested prior to the solutions’ application. 

Furthermore, it added, “Infosys remains committed to making rapid progress and has currently dedicated more than 750 resources to this project to complete significant portions of work, in collaboration with officials from the I-T Department.”

In partnership with the government of India, the platform is working with different departments in order to fuel and contribute to the country’s digital evolution, while also enhancing the potential of the Indian technology space.

In 2019, Infosys was bestowed with the opportunity to develop an Income Tax portal which would be compatible for taxpayers to access, keeping the portal uncomplicated in design and layouts. However, soon after the launch of the portal on June 7, 2021, the users started experiencing glitches including uploading passwords, linking tax-related data, and so on. 

After a close discussion with the Finance Ministry, the company assured to fix the problems by working with a separate team but evidently, it failed to resolve the issues. So much so, it was proposed with the ultimatum scheduled on September 15 to deal with the hiccups the company was facing. 

At present, the company admitted the glitches faced but on the contrary, it also stated that over 1.5 crore returns have been filed till the present time. Additionally, around 85% of the individuals who have filed their returns seamlessly have also finished their e-verification mostly through Aadhaar authentication. The company also highlighted that 11.5 lakh of legal forms along with 8 lakh TDS returns are also filed through the portal.

Founded in 1981, Infosys has been a fruitful Indian multinational company in the IT segment. Earlier this month, the company was also witnessed in the spotlight for coming into a pact with Ausgrid in order to incite cloud-transforming company’s vision to focus on affordability, sustainability and reliability. Along with Microsoft, the company aims to support Ausgrid to fuel the cloud transformation of the largest electricity distributor on Australia’s east coast.