What is SKIL?

SKIL is a unique and trusted partner for Corporate Travel and Event Management, providing end-to-end solutions. With 20 years of experience in the industry, SKIL is developed to provide services in customer solutions and business, mainly focusing on innovation, personalization, and customer satisfaction.

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Ensuring a smooth, unparalleled experience traveling across the world is a key aspect of SKIL’s offerings.

The Inspiration Behind WTG Ecosystem

Early Days and Vision

The inspiration to start the WTG (Way to Grow) Ecosystem stemmed from a vision to create a comprehensive travel solution for the corporate sector. The early days were marked by enthusiasm driven by government initiatives, a growing economy, and SKIL’s passion for business travel.

Initial Challenges and Motivations

SKIL faced challenges like setting up the right technology and building a reliable partner network. However, early corporate clients’ positive feedback fueled the motivation. The journey began with a clear goal: to make corporate travel easier and more enjoyable for businesses everywhere.

The Journey of SKIL

Shylendar Jindal – His Inspiring Journey

Shylendar Jindal

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Two decades ago, after graduating from New York, Shylender Jindal returned to India with a passion for travel. Inspired by several experiences in countries like Japan and many others, Jindal was motivated to start a company like SKIL. He always believed there was an opportunity to serve the corporate sector in India.

Growth and Innovation

The scaling of the business brought good growth and expansion across various places. Over the years, SKIL built a robust network of partners and developed advanced digital tools to streamline operations. Today, SKIL is a trusted name in the corporate travel industry, known for its commitment to excellence and personalized service.

Educational Background of the Founder

Shylender Jindal graduated from Sydenham College of Economics, known for economics and art, and pursued an advanced degree in New York with a specialization in Marketing and Finance.

What Sets SKIL Apart?

Journeying Corporate Excellence

Comprehensive Services

SKIL provides end-to-end travel services with a unique focus on last-mile connectivity through in-house processes, unlike others who outsource this aspect. It offers a comprehensive 360-degree solution that combines travel and event management, a rare dual capability in the industry.

Unique Offerings

The major services include Flights & Visas, Global Accommodation, Car Rentals, and Event Management. SKIL’s commitment to personalization and innovation, leveraging advanced technology, ensures tailored travel solutions. SKIL maintains a customer-centric approach and high customer satisfaction, making it a one-stop solution for all travel needs.

Competitive Edge

Technically, there’s no competition for SKIL in India. It collaborates with all the big players for last-mile delivery, solidifying its position in the market.

SKIL in Numbers

Clientele and Growth

Clientele and Growth

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SKIL Travel proudly serves over 300+ corporate clients, tailoring services to meet each client’s unique requirements. The revenue generated for the financial year 23-24 shows around 50 percent YoY growth and a major turnover of about INR 113 crore.

SKIL Travel Awards and Recognition

Industry Accolades

SKIL Travel has been honored with awards and certificates from renowned hotels like The Oberoi, Pride, Taj, and Ramada. In 2018, it was recognized as the fastest-growing MICE Travel Company at the India MICE Awards.

SKIL Travel Team

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SKIL also received recognition from ITC Hotels, showcasing its unwavering commitment to the industry.

Key Achievements

The company has achieved significant milestones, including a turnover of about INR 113 crore and expanding car rental service to over 230+ cities. The company has maintained an exceptional customer satisfaction level of 99.8% across 150,000 transactions and successfully launched initiatives such as EV cabs and SKIL Events.

Brand Trust

As a brand, trust and safety are SKIL’s top priorities. Clients can trust SKIL to prioritize their well-being throughout every journey, specifically dedicated to upholding trust in every interaction.

SKIL Travel: Overcoming Challenges

Coping with COVID

SKIL encountered various challenges at different stages. Coping with COVID-19 was a significant hurdle during the pandemic.

Scaling Up

Today, SKIL’s challenge lies in scaling up to meet high demand and customer interest. Recruiting talented individuals is crucial, and SKIL meticulously screens candidates to ensure that these individuals bring the right value. Despite these hurdles, SKIL is committed to managing operational scalability while upholding high service standards.

Inspirational Quotes

Founder’s Inspiration

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker. For Shylender Jindal, this quote means that success relies on taking proactive steps.

Words of Wisdom

Commitment is considered paramount for Shylendar Jindal. Success in the travel industry isn’t merely about providing a service but crafting unforgettable experiences and fostering enduring relationships. Always remaining persuasive and fully committed to endeavors makes the journey memorable.


For the future, SKIL is expanding its horizons. SKIL Travel envisions becoming India’s leading travel solutions provider, renowned for its innovation, sustainability, and unmatched customer service. It strives to increase collaboration with car dealers, expand the corporate client base, and transition into a direct-to-customer (D2C) brand. 

The team is focusing on outreach, adopting new technologies, and empowering advanced eco-friendly travel options to cater to the changing needs of clients. The company aims to ensure more people experience its journey, standing by them to ensure their safety from the moment they leave home until they return.