In the US, a paranoid woman shared a video on TikTok, stating that she found an unidentified Airtag on her car.

In April 2021, Apple introduced AirTag. A GPS device, created to help to keep track of and to locate important things such as your house/car keys, backpack, handbag, or any other items. And like any other Apple device, it uses end-to-end encryption to protect your privacy.

Should Apple AirTag users be concerned about their safety
Should Apple AirTag users be concerned about their safety

But what if someone sticks it upon you and keeps track of your every moment? Isn’t it terrifying?

A similar situation took place in the US. Where a woman found an AirTag attached to her car. She shared her terrifying experience on TikTok. This incident caused chaos across social media. Many people are raising issues, stating that they are getting AirTag alerts on their iPhones, but claiming not to own one. In one case, a police officer – after following up on the complaint – found an AirTag carefully placed near the gas tank of her car.

Dr. Brendan Saltaformaggio, a cybersecurity professor at Georgia Tech said in an Interview with FOX5 Atlanta, “The Tag, knows if it’s following someone other than the owner of the Tag. And, what it can do is two things. The Tag can either make a noise or if you have a new iPhone, it can send a message to your iPhone and alert you that the Tag is nearby.”

Those who use Androids or an older iPhone may be at a disadvantage here. But for those with the latest iPhones, if found themselves in a similar situation, try to look for the Tag and reach out for help.