QUE, which was started by Shashank Saurabh, Abhishek Deep, and Kumar Vagish, will soon be rolling out and providing the products to the market with the aim of capturing market share. Based on what the company announced, Dhawan’s representations brought a strategic component to the brand, hence making a very successful launch. Being a start-up that strives to make innovative, quality premium brands reach the largest segment of premium buyers, within and outside India, is the vision of QUE.

Shikhar Dhawan Joins Que

The cricketer Shikhar Dhawan has also invested in QUE, a boutique eyewear brand, while simultaneously serving as their brand ambassador.

QUE, the startup co-founded by Shashank Saurabh, Abhishek Deep and Kumar Vagish, is geared to reach its customers with an array of products the release claims.

According to the firm, Dhawan’s relationship with the brand will be critical in allowing it to launch aggressively, increase marketing efforts, and improve product offerings.

“As someone who loves both design and utility, I believe QUE’s novel approach to eyeglasses will appeal to people looking for high-quality items that fit their lifestyles. “I am excited to represent QUE and contribute to its success,” Dhawan remarked.

He further stated that the objective behind this alliance was to set augmented norms in the Indian eyewear arena and thus ensure the safest eye protection for the people.

The ultimate vision of QUE is to provide every person with affordable and innovative sunglasses. By focusing on style and quality, it wants to expand its business in India and eventually all over the world.

Saurabh commented: “The strategic investment with Shikhar Dhawan and his brand, Dhawanwear, is very exciting to us. It is proof that we’re on the right path; our startup mission is to change the sunglasses market, which will be worth $8.6 billion USD in 2028.”

According to him, the business is confident in its ability to become a popular brand.

The Indian cricketer began his investment odyssey in 2022 with the establishment of a worldwide investment fund to support sports tech startups, with an initial capital of $75 million and a greenshoe option of $25 million.

In addition, Dhawan has been an angel investor and brand advocate. Last year, he invested an undisclosed amount in the D2C food firm TagZ and became its brand ambassador.

Dhawan recently became an investor and brand ambassador for Shviz, another direct-to-consumer sexual wellness and grooming platform.