“Nobody will wear this in my house,” Ashneer Grover said of this Shark Tank contestant’s clothing line. Then, on The Kapil Sharma Show, his wife Madhuri Grover wore it.

Designer Niti Singhal, like the other 197 Shark Tank contestants, went on the show to pitch her clothing line to the Sharks, but she was met with severe criticism. Twee In One is a line of reversible and convertible clothing. She was on the show to pitch her business idea to investors in the hopes of convincing them to invest in her company. Ashneer Grover, a co-founder of BharatPe, was critical of her idea and her business plan. When his wife Madhuri Jain Grover was seen on The Kapil Sharma Show wearing a dress from the same apparel company, the tables were turned.

Ashneer Grover told Niti Singhal when she came on the show to pitch her business idea, “Hi ganda fashion hai ye bahut hi ganda fashion hai ye bahut hi ganda fashion hai This will not be worn in my home. (This is absolutely awful fashion.) Aap ye band kar do This will not be worn in my home. It’s time to turn it off).”

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Except for Ghazal Alagh, who was quite supportive of her concept, Niti Singhal was one of the few contenders on the show who did not receive words of appreciation from the Sharks. Niti did not strike a deal with the Sharks, so no brownie points for guessing. On The Kapil Sharma Show, however, the tables were flipped when Ashneer Grover’s wife wore an outfit from Twee In One.

Ashneer Grover rejected this Shark Tank contestant's clothing line. Then,  his wife  Madhuri Jain Grover wore a dress from the same brand (Twee In One) - Trending News

Twee In One’s Instagram account posted a video of Ashneer Grover yelling at Niti Singhal, followed by a photo of his wife wearing an outfit from her clothing brand from The Kapil Sharma Show. “We adore how stunning @madsj30 looks in our Twee dress at @tksshowofficial!” Thank you, Madhuri, for believing in our effort (sic),” reads the video’s caption.

Thank you so much for the gown. The sharks didn’t seem to like the dresses on the sideboard, but the dresses you and the models wore were lovely. Keep up the wonderful work, and best of luck with your new endeavour!” Madhuri Grover left a remark in the section below.

According to a source in the Times of India, Niti gave Madhuri the garment as a gift when she arrived to propose her concept on the show.

Niti Singhal remarked in an interview with Hindustan Times, “For a long time, there have been critical criticism on the product I have. It’s nothing new to me. Over the years, even mentors in the fashion world have said some terrible things. So I’ve gotten some feedback, though not as harsh as Ashneer’s. But it has made me thick-skinned as a result of it. I am confident in my product and am prepared to face any criticism. Finally, even if people are saying negative things about it, any PR is good PR.