On-demand services in India experience the constant pressure of efficiency and reliability and among the multidimensional intelligent players, Shadowfax stands as the contender. The Shadowfax company is based on the strength and nuances of the logistics and last-mile delivery channels. This company’s contribution cannot be overestimated, as it promises to bring about new content from these channels and reshape the entire movement of products in India.

Shadowfax Success Story

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Company Highlights 

Startup NameShadowfax
HeadquartersBangalore, Karnataka, India
SectorCourier, Logistics
FoundersAbhishek Bansal, Vaibhav Khandelwal, Gaurav Jaithliya, Praharsh Chandra

Shadowfax: Overview

Based in Bangalore, on-demand delivery service Shadowfax guarantees around-the-clock time bounding and efficient delivery without the slightest delay as well as hassle-free service. It all depends on the up-to-date tech solutions and a revealing network. The company, started in 2015, has since been transformed as the country’s top hyperlocal delivery system, as stated on the company’s official website. 

The system deals with on-demand hyperlocal delivery, additionally, possessing advanced delivery monitoring systems. In the first place the company works by the secured and rapid delivery to e-commerce and delivery operations.

In fact, our primary market is India, yet we have proved to be competent in attaining the commitment by scrutinizing the order records, leveraging the delivery data analysis through and using the consumer insights. The end customers will also take the benefit of a convenient tracking system tailored to be accessed by entering the AWB number at tracker.shadowfax.in, thus allowing an easy order monitoring by the customers.

Shadowfax- Operational Overview

Shadowfax’s services, architecture is based on various technological enablers and offers end-to-end delivery services, which covers the logistics requirement of E-commerce, F&B Restaurants, FMCG, pharmacy, and retail (both online and offline). EficiencyLogistics together with the company gives businesses the technology for logistics on the edge of technology and access to reliable delivery networks so as to accelerate and facilitate quick deliveries.

At a short time, Shadowfax has been one of India’s giants by way of last-mile delivery platforms, boasting of a delivering partner network of more than 1.5 lakhs. The Tech-enable last-mile logistics network operates as a one-stop solution for fast deliveries. Our concise app Shadowfax makes it easier for customers to order goods through door-to-door delivery and thereof leads to greater overall customer satisfaction.

Capitalizing on its feature-rich technology and extensive network, Shadowfax delivers benefits to both brands and riders, enabling faster and more efficient deliveries.

Advantages for Brands:

Customized deliveries are facilitated by Shadowfax.

The in-demand rider network ensures adaptability to fluctuating business requirements.

Home delivery services span across multiple product categories.

Advantages for Riders:

Shadowfax provides flexibility in ride options.

Managing all tasks through a single app optimizes a rider’s daily activities.

Faster payouts and unlimited earning opportunities are offered by Shadowfax.

The Shadowfax app is accessible to all users after a straightforward login process, which involves creating an account on the platform.

Shadowfax boasts a prestigious clientele, including major companies such as Domino’s, Big Basket, Amazon, Paytm, Flipkart, Myntra, McDonald’s, 1MG, as well as numerous smaller restaurants, merchants, and retailers.

Unlocking India’s Courier, Express, and Parcel (CEP) Market Potential

Courier, Express, and Parcel (CEP) Market

Source: IMARC Group

Mordor Intelligence through its analysis projects around the CEP segment to see almost 4-fold growth in coming few years in India. The market size of this sector is expected to be growing, with particularly a doubling, from the 2024 evaluated valuation of 8.58 billion USD to an anticipated valuation of 15.93 billion USD by 2030, with a notable CAGR of 10.87%.

The report makes its forecasted growth assumption based on an expanding e-commerce industry, evolved consumer preferences and technological advancement being one of the main reasons. Mordor Intelligence puts under high emphasis the contribution of these exact factors to the behavior of the Indian CEP market in the short future period, but at the same time coupled with the fact that it could lead to an impressive growth of the sector’s productivity, there may also be a higher competition level.

Shadowfax: The Genesis of a Hyperlocal Delivery Powerhouse

At the start of its voyage Shadowfax aimed to change home meal delivery, and it succeeded in winning popularity for its original technology. Recognizing the beckoning potential of the market during the service’s exploration phase, the founders went beyond offering deliveries only, broadening the scope of their services to accommodate mail express, electronics, furniture, pharmacy, grocery, and lifestyle delivery.

Undoubtedly this strategic maneuver made history for the Shadowfax, taking the lead among the large number of market participants and providing it with a promising future. Through competently responding to the wide ranges of needs of both consumers and business, it magically established a reputation of a reliable solution offering vehicles for all types of transportation requirements or delivery of anything.

The Shadowfax transition from being a pure-play food delivery and setting up the multi-vertical hyperlocal delivery venture is by any standard, proof of visionary effrontery. On the other hand, the company’s approach to innovation and responding to the changes that continue to occur in the market has been proven to be an unmatched factor.

Shadowfax Business Model Overview:

Shadowfax Business Model

Source: Shadowfax

Shadowfax operates a distinctive business-to-business logistics network spanning over 2,500 cities in India. The company collaborates with local stores, leveraging their physical space for inventory storage, and maintains an extensive fleet of freelancers for efficient delivery services.

E-commerce constitutes the primary driver of Shadowfax’s business, followed by the transportation of food and groceries, with reverse logistics making up the remaining portion. Additionally, Shadowfax offers a comprehensive courier tracking system, facilitating online, automated tracking of shipments. This enables customers to conveniently monitor the real-time status of their parcels without the need to physically visit courier locations or contact customer service.

Shadowfax Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs):

In a strategic move to recognize and reward its workforce, Shadowfax implemented an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) buyback program on December 8, 2020. Valued at approximately $5 million, this initiative was exclusively designed to appreciate employees as the company rebounded from the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Under the ESOP buyback plan, eligible employees, who have been granted ESOP options and completed over four years of service with the company, were afforded the opportunity to sell 35% of their allocated or vested ESOP shares. This initiative reflects Shadowfax’s commitment to fostering a motivated and engaged workforce by providing tangible benefits tied to the company’s success.

Shadowfax : Addressing Challenges

Shadowfax encountered various challenges during its launch, grappling with initial operational hurdles that demanded swift resolutions. Abhishek Bansal emphasized the importance of diversifying operations across different sectors with varying peak hours. This strategic adjustment aimed to enhance efficiency, enabling a single delivery person to cater to multiple groups simultaneously.

From a financial perspective, Shadowfax faced a substantial setback in January 2016, marked by a disconcerting -35% margin. However, the group’s resilience and prudent decisions facilitated a remarkable turnaround, culminating in a 4% surplus by year-end. Despite these financial adversities, Shadowfax maintained a steadfast growth trajectory, evidenced by its threefold increase in 2017.

Bansal highlighted the pivotal role Shadowfax plays in the same-day delivery market, emphasizing that all platforms operating in this sector rely on its services. The organization showcased adaptability and resilience in navigating the intricacies of the startup landscape, confronting challenges proactively without fixating on precise solutions.

Shadowfax : Milestones in Growth

Shadowfax has achieved significant growth milestones, including:

A verified rider base of 3 million as of February 2024.

150,000 monthly transacting delivery partners as of February 2024.

Over 1.5 million orders delivered daily as of February 2024.

Presence established in more than 2,500 cities as of February 2024.

Delivery coverage extended to over 15,000 pincodes as of February 2024.

Shadowfax : Funding and Investors

Feb 27, 2024Series E$100 millionTPG
Feb 27, 2024Secondary Market
July 12, 2022Series E$12 millionFlipkart, Qualcomm, Trifecta Capital
Dec 5, 2019Series D$60 millionFlipkart
Aug 22, 2018Series C$22 millionNGP Capital
Jan 1, 2017Venture Round$18.9 millionEight Roads Ventures and Innoven Capital
Dec 25, 2016Series B$10 millionEight Roads Ventures
Sep 12, 2015Series A$8 millionEight Roads Ventures
Aug 17, 2015Angel Round$300K

Shadowfax : Competitors

Ecom Express

Shadowfax – Future Strategic Initiatives

Mr. Bansal has articulated Shadowfax’s current profitable status and its unwavering commitment to exploring new avenues for growth. Over the ensuing 24 months, the company is actively pursuing a listing on Indian stock exchanges, marking a significant milestone in its strategic expansion through targeted acquisitions.

Leveraging the recently secured funding, Shadowfax intends to fortify its middle-mile network over the next 18 months. The primary objective is the enhancement of delivery services, encompassing all 20,000 Indian pin codes. This ambitious growth plan underscores Shadowfax’s determination to establish itself as a dominant force in the logistics industry, showcasing its dedication to delivering efficient logistics solutions across an expanded geographical footprint.


Shadowfax, a leading participant in India’s on-demand delivery sector, has adeptly established itself as a pioneer within the hyperlocal delivery domain. The organization’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology, cultivating a resilient delivery infrastructure, and offering a comprehensive array of services has been instrumental in fostering substantial growth and consolidating its formidable market presence.