ShaadiSaga is a wedding media company and an Indian online wedding planning platform that allows couples to manage their weddings in a simple and cost-effective manner.

ShaadiSaga is on a mission to make Indian wedding planning fun and easy. ShaadiSaga intends to help every new-age couple all over the country with their wedding blues by engaging the services of a millennial army of wedding enthusiasts.

Intimate & cost effective wedding planning, with best experience
Intimate & cost effective wedding planning, with best experience

ShaadiSaga is an online portal that caters to all wedding-related needs, focusing especially on weddings costing between Rs 10 lakh and Rs 1.5 crore. It was founded by IIT-Delhi alumni Himanshu Kapsime and Manish Garg. It allows customers to select services from a pool of over 2,500 suppliers based on their needs.

What makes ShadiSaga so Unique?

“At ShaadiSaga, we deliver the best planning experience to couples,” said Co-Founder Himanshu Kapsime of Shaadisaga’s unique proposition. We are focused on making the entire process a piece of cake, from concept generation to employing various service providers. Couples can get the same amount of faith in us that they do when they hire services based on recommendations from friends and relatives.Our team leverages technology to essentially transfer the offline wedding planning experience to an online platform, while also bringing convenience and cost savings.” “ShaadiSaga is the best and most suitable solution for couples to design their wedding because they save roughly 20-30% of their wedding budget and 2 months of completing the project on time with us, while ensuring superior quality and experience,” Manish Garg, Co-founder of ShaadiSaga, stated. We presently have a team of 25 individuals and will continue to grow as we expand into other cities.”

ah! Ventures of ShadiSaga 

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Success of ShadiSaga

From the standpoint of an investor, “Statistically, the Indian wedding sector, valued at $40 billion, is proving to be one of the sturdiest in today’s market,” stated Harshad Lahoti, Founder and CEO of ah! Ventures. Given the strong year-over-year growth rate of 25-30%, prospective start-ups in this field were deserving of investors’ attention, and Shaadisaga stood out. The company concentrates on one major step at a time, whether it’s a technology improvement or the onboarding of key partners, and this, we believe, is what sets them unique. We at ah! Ventures are certain that Shaadisaga will be a leader in this field.”

What  Shadisaga aims at?

Shadisaga is more passionate in inspiring people than in managing them. They give their staff a lot of freedom, authority, and information, and they expect them to do what they think is in ShaadiSaga’s best interests. This inculcates in them  a sense of self-discipline and accountability, motivating us to accomplish exceptional work that benefits both the firm and our consumers. To build their products and services, they always start with the customer and move backwards. They concentrate over their customers and work hard to win and maintain their trust. They pursue uncompromisingly high customer experience standards, motivating their teams to provide high-quality products, services, and procedures.

Harshad Lahoti, Founder and CEO of ah! Ventures said,                                 “Statistically the Indian wedding industry, valued at $40 Bn, is proving to be one of the sturdiest in today’s market. Considering the high growth rate of 25-30% YoY, promising startups in Indian wedding space were deserving investors attention and Shaadisaga was undoubtedly cut above the rest. From the very beginning, we witnessed Shaadisaga take calculated business decisions making them the rare breed of startups who knew their priorities. The venture focusses on taking one key step at a time, – be it a technological advancement or on-boarding of key partners – and that according to us has been the edge that sets them apart. We at ah! Ventures are confident of seeing Shaadisaga as a pioneer in this industry.”

Crucial steps taken by Shadisaga 

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