Facebook is a well known social media platform which we all have used. Creating a facebook profile, posting the pictures, interacting and chatting via messenger was a trend some time back. 

Though when the name of facebook is taken “Mark Zuckerberg” is the first person that comes into our mind, do you know another personality who has a significant place in the foundation of Facebook?

He is none other than Sean Parker, first president and Co- founder of Napster.

Sean Parker

This article will let you know the life, career, growth and other deep insight of Sean Parker


Sean Parker was born on 3 Dec 1979 in Virginia, USA. He is an American entrepreneur and philanthropist. HIs father was a US government oceanographer and mother was a TV advertising broker. 

Parker was inspired by his father who motivated him to be an entrepreneur. His father said “if you are going to take risks, take them early before you have a family”.

He was the first president of the famous social media platform “Facebook” (Meta now) and co-founder of Napster, a peer to peer file sharing platform.

Sean Parker Early Life

Sean Parker Early Life

Parker was very fond of programming and hacking from his teenage years. He completed his education from Oakton High School and later transferred to Chantilly High School. While in school, he asked the management to allow him some time in coding in the computer lab as a foreign language class. Parker has started writing coding when he was in his final years at Chantilly High School. 

Parker has worked as in Intern for Mark Pincus at Washington DC. In the senior years, he started earning $80,000 for a year through various coding and other projects. 

Parker has a great career in hacking and coding as he tried to hack the network of FBI agents and Fortune 500 companies but due to this act he was convicted.

Professional Life Of Sean

In his final years, as he started earning a good amount for a year, he was able to convince his parents to skip the studies and start a career as an entrepreneur.

Professional Life Of Sean

In 1999, Sean launched Napster, a free file sharing service for music with a 14 year old guy, Shawn Fanning.

The business has grown at very high rates that the company was able to connect more than a million users within a year. But the service was opposed by the Recording Association and various other associations which caused them to shut down the service.


Later in 2002, Sean launched another online address book and social networking service Plaxo, integrated with Microsoft Outlook. The company has more than 20 million users and was the first to use vitality in the launch. Later in 2004 he exited by allegedly hiring private investigators to follow him.


In 2004, Sean came to know about facebook, a social networking site. As he has already worked in the related segment and experience of social networking, Parker met the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. Sean joined the company Facebook, as a president of the company. 

As a president of the company, Parker has made many significant decisions for the expansion and growth of the company. He has onboarded company’s first investor Thiel. 

He also developed a photo sharing function for the facebook website. Sean was pivotal in helping transform facebook from a college project into a real company” said the founder, Mark.


In 2005, Parker stepped down as a president, as he resigned due to a suspicious event which caused him to be arrested by the police in a drug possession case.

In 2006, he became managing partner at Founder Fund, a Venture Capital fund in San Francisco. Along with this he has also made some successful investments in Spotify for $15 million. 

As a Philanthropist

Sean has actively worked as a Philanthropist and has donated for different social work. He has worked and donated for cancer research, health care, civic engagement.

In 2015 he announced a $600 million contribution to launch a Parker Foundation which will contribute in life sciences, public health, civic engagement.

He also created a Parker Institute for cancer immunotherapy and had donated $250 million. 

He also founded Sean N Parker Centre for Allergy & Asthma Research in 2014.

The Parker Foundation

Awards and Recognition

Sean has been awarded and honoured with many awards during his entrepreneur journey. Some of the awards and recognition with which he was rewarded are:

  • Pontifical Key Philanthropist Award in 2016.
  • Nominated as “Wired ” Icon for his research in DNA programming in 2018.
  • Ranked fifth on the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s 2014.
  • Town and Country’s top 50 Philanthropists.
  • Time’s healthcare 50 for his work in cancer research.


Sean Parker has a networth of $2.8 billion as of Sep 2023. His wealth has increased drastically from past years. He is at 1067 position in Forbes Billionaires of 2023. He has also been spotted at 380 position in Forbes 400 in 2022.

“Your biggest challenge as an entrepreneur is not concealing your idea from others or keeping your idea secret. It is actually convincing people that you are not crazy and that you can pull (it) off”

Conclusion: Sean Parker has made many significant decisions being a president of Facebook. Under his presidency Facebook has brought many successful ideas and innovation to the social networking platform that makes the company one of the top and leading social networking sites in the world. Along with being an entrepreneur Sean has also contributed to social welfare and donated a huge amount in social care. His values and works are of great inspiration for the young entrepreneur who has started their career as an entrepreneur and can learn a lot from his entrepreneurial journey.