Navi Technologies, the financial services business founded by Flipkart co-founder Sachin Bansal, is looking to go public.

Saurabh Jain

NEW DELHI: Effective February 28, Saurabh Jain has taken over as managing director and chief executive officer of Sachin Bansal-backed Navi Mutual Fund.

From April 2020 to February 2021, he worked as Sachin Bansal’s chief of staff. Prior to joining Navi, Jain worked at Swiggy as an assistant vice president of business projects.

In December 2021, he was also inducted as a member of SEBI’s advisory group on mutual funds.

Navi Mutual Fund has recently established Navi Nasdaq 100 Fund of Funds, Navi Nifty Midcap 150 Index Funds, Navi US Total Stock Market Fund of Funds, Navi Nifty Bank Index Funds, Nifty Next 50 Index Funds, and Nifty 50 Index Funds, all of which have lower expense ratios than their predecessors.