Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella is upbeat about India’s future, particularly in the technology sector, given the country’s growing base of software developers, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) projects, and the rising aspirations of Indian youth to upskill.

Satya Nadella is on a four-day trip to India. On his visit, he conveyed that India would take the lead in applying AI to actual problems. “When it comes to digital public goods, India is at the forefront. When it comes to the enlightened way in which India is constructing its digital infrastructure, there is India and then there is daylight, 

he said on Tuesday while addressing a select group of India’s top CEOs at the Microsoft Future Ready Leadership Summit in Mumbai.  He further added that cloud and AI are gonna be vitally important in driving economic growth. He said that cloud has been a game changer and it’s still in its early-to-intermediate stage. 

Satya Nadella adds that India is going to be the world’s third-largest economy by the end of this decade. India recently surpassed the UK to take over as the fifth-largest economy in the world. “India is the second-largest contributor to the developer ecosystem, and Github is the largest base for developers globally. India is first in the world for AI projects.If the next big age is going to be AI, then human capital is already here and doing innovative things, he added

Additionally, he noted that India had enormous aspirations for upskilling. “According to LinkedIn data, India has a 2x higher rate of skill development. The ability to stay current with one’s skill set, take pride in it, and have the market reward one’s efforts are what matter in the workforce. “.

According to Nadella, it’s critical for businesses to do more with less as India and other nations around the world struggle with the effects of global uncertainty. “Cloud will fundamentally alter this. Workload efficiency in the cloud is between 70% and 80%. You hedge against the demand cycle, you only consume it when you need it, he advised.

He added that knowledge workers would benefit and become more productive thanks to AI-powered models like ChatGPT and Dall-E. “Every knowledge worker will be more inventive, expressive, and effective. More knowledge work than ever before will be able to be done by every frontline employee. Future design projects will be much more productive across the board, whether they involve software engineering, mechanical design, or architectural design. So, in the end, it’s going to accelerate human creativity, ingenuity, and productivity across a range of tasks, in my opinion. “.