Sanjay Adesara has been named the new Chief Business Officer (CBO) of Adani Sportline to take responsibility for the situation. Sanjay, a brand-building veteran with over a decade and a half of experience with Adani Wilmar, will now contribute his skills to the success narrative of Adani Group’s sports sector.

Before this, Sanjay was the founding Chief Executive of Adani’s many sports operations, heading leagues like as the Pro Kabaddi League, among others. He has also been a cornerstone for Adani Wilmar Limited, which he joined in 2008, and has shown an ability to assure tremendous success since then.

Sanjay’s plan for Adani Sportline will involve the creation of a successful brand strategy, brand activation, and cross-functional team management. He has a track record of introducing new products, revitalizing brands, and creating brand structures that correspond with long-term corporate goals.

Sanjay Adesara in his new role, said, “At Adani Sportsline, the vision is to help India grow into an all-round sporting powerhouse. From cricket to indigenous sports, we want to sow the seeds of progress. The Indian sporting ecosystem has plenty of talent, and it is not just about identifying the potential of an athlete, but also providing them with the essentials so that they can hurdle any obstacles in their journey. We know sport has the power to bring people together, and we would like nothing more than a united nation cheering on for their sporting stars. I look forward to being part of some exceptional impact-oriented work ahead of us at Adani Sportsline.”

Adani Sportsline is now present with strong teams in some of the most popular competitions in the nation, including the Pro Kabaddi League and the Women’s Premier League, among others. Furthermore, the club is an IOA supporter of Olympic potential and is trying to create an inclusive culture for sports, fitness, and play with the newly opened Adani Sportline Riverfront Sports Park and the continuing annual Ahmedabad Marathon.

Aside from that, the Adani Sportsline team is staying true to its fundamental goal of creating a sporting country, having already established academies for numerous sports like cricket and football, and continuing to focus on giving prospective players the required infrastructure.

Sanjay’s goal at Adani Sportsline is to develop a significant market presence, while his vision, leadership abilities, and extensive industry experience will help to the company’s continuous growth and success. He looks forward to fostering a pleasant work atmosphere that stimulates innovation and creativity. He is known for his dynamic leadership style.