The Galaxy S23 will be manufactured in India to satisfy the demands of the native market, according to a Thursday announcement by Samsung, a manufacturer of high-end mobile devices.

The Galaxy S Series of phones are now manufactured by Samsung in Vietnam, and the company imports and sells them in India.

“Each Galaxy S23 smartphone sold in India is made in the company’s Noida facility. Samsung already supplies the bulk of India’s domestic market with products produced in-country at its Noida facility. Samsung’s decision to promote India’s manufacturing sector and development narrative by choosing to sell the Galaxy S23 smartphone, which is “Made in India,” is an indication of this support.” a Samsung statement

The announcement of the tariff-free import of camera lenses, a key component of the Galaxy S series phones’ key differentiator, was made by finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman a day prior to the release of this information.

On Wednesday, the company unveiled three variations of its Galaxy S23 line of smartphones, which include excellent camera sensors.

The phone will contain five sets of cameras, each with a camera sensor with a resolution of 12-200 megapixels.

Prices for the Galaxy S23 series have not yet been disclosed by the business. The pricing range for the Galaxy S22 smartphones when they were first released in 2017 was between Rs 72,999 to Rs 1,18,999.

Before pre-bookings for the Galaxy S22 ended on March 10, 2022, the business claimed to have received 1.4 lakh orders for the handsets.