Chennai-based micro-investing Roundups app helps invest its users’ spare change whenever they make a purchase.

 “Personal Finance is 80% behavior and only 20% knowledge,” said Dave Ramsey.

Idea and Inception

Vikram came up with an amazing concept in 2019. He performed his study and discovered that there aren’t many firms in this market that make it easy for individuals to invest. Vikram met his co-founder Atishe Chordia in November. He is the company’s, Chief Technology Officer. They did, however, decide to collaborate on a project.

They met another co-founder, Babu Krishnamoorthy, who is also the startup’s investment advisor, later in March. In July, the three of them agreed to form the corporation. They’ve been improving the product since then, making it more efficient. The Association of Mutual Funds in India has also recognized the organization as Mutual Fund Distributors (AMFI).

Your money is invested in a Liquid Fund by Roundups app. ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund manages the fund. On its platform, the startup also has information for newcomers about learning, saving, and investing. Vikram argues that the software aids in the installation of good habits, such as simple and economical investment. 

It provides three and four crucial alternatives for the user to consider. Most importantly, every time someone spends money on the Roundups app, they are also investing a portion of that money in a return-generating asset.

the procedure for getting started with the app is simple, requiring only the standard KYC procedure that all financial apps require, as well as granting it the appropriate rights to view bank transaction data. The software automatically deducts the amount of spare change and invests it in a savings account.


With Roundups, you may start investing with as little as $1. It makes saving a breeze. Roundups are when you round up your purchases to the closest hundred dollars and invest the difference. Furthermore, it provides automated and secure investment by automatically investing your saved money in a low-risk portfolio to optimize user benefits. You may also keep track of your online transactions, including how much you’ve spent and how much change you’ve saved from each cost.

Until recently, the feedback has been fantastic. More than 3,000 organic downloads have already been recorded for Roundups. ‘First objective is to raise a round of investment before the end of the year, second is to increase their staff, and third, to go from 3,000 downloads to 30,000-40,000 downloads by the end of the year,” Vikram said. Roundups are a firm that is entirely self-funded.