There are many personalities all over the world who are known and still remembered for the works they did during their lifetime. Most of us get fascinated when we reflect on time and realize how much the world has changed! Each of us has heard about World War, the changing political scenario across the globe, nations getting independence, how nuclear bombs took the lives of millions in Japan, how the internet started, and now every one of us has the world just a click away. But ever wondered about a personality that is among one of the most influential persons on the planet and has seen it all? I know you would have understood, I m talking about whom- It’s none other than Queen Elizabeth. Recently, Her Majesty the Queen died peacefully in her Balmoral Castle in Scotland( United Kingdom) aged 96. Who was she? What works she did all her life and why she was such an important figure, we will tell you all in this article today. Keep seated and do read till the end.

United Kingdom: A Long-Lived Reign of Kings and Queens 

All of you would have surely heard about Great Britain, but at the same time, you would also hear about the United Kingdom! But ever have you wondered Is there any difference between the United Kingdom and Britain and if it is not then why does a single country have so many names in one language itself? 

United Kingdom- The world itself declares its meaning but many of us still do not know the exact meaning of this word. The United Kingdom is not just one country but it’s a group of 4 different countries that were once ruled by different historical families of European History. These countries that make up the United Kingdom are- Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. All these countries collectively are called together as the United Kingdom.  Among all these the most dominating is England. This kingdom has a great grand history. From Norman, and Tudors to English Kings. The kingdom has seen a lot.

The United Kingdom is among the oldest monarchies in the world, not just that in the era of Republic and Democratic countries it’s also one of its kind monarchies that are still surviving and the commoners or the subjects still love their kings and queens who rule the monarchy. The present United Kingdom is a Constitutional monarchy. Constitutional monarchy means a government that is reigned by a sovereign head of state ( the monarch cannot alone make the decisions and has to work in accordance with the constitution) whereas the government is selected by the people through voting. In easy words, the Monarch can reign but cannot rule.

Queen Elizabeth: Journey of a Jolly little girl to the Queen 

Born as Elizabeth Alexandra Mary to parents King George and his Queen Consort Elizabeth in Mayfair, London in the year 1926. She was the first child of the couple. Little Elizabeth was homeschooled along with her sister Princess Margaret. The princesses sisters were made to learn different things like History, Language, Literature, and Music. In the year 1936, Her father Prince Albert later known as King George V ascended the throne of the British monarchy. This made little Elizabeth first in line to be the future monarch of the Kingdom.

Things were all going well for the British rule around the world. Most of the world was under British rule in that era. A saying that was very famous in that era was – “ The British sun never sets was all famous all over the world. In many of those continents and countries, Britishers were ruling and the United Kingdom was increasingly becoming richer but everything changed when Britishers started to lose wars, second world war also played an important role in weakening the situation and strength of Britishers. Many countries were having revolutions and movements of independence from British rule. In the meanwhile, there were many countries that got independence as well, while some became part of the Commonwealth.

The early life of the Princess :

While the world war was at its peak and the British Kingdom was seeking huge financial losses as well as human loss in the war. Elizabeth became the first member of the Royal family who served as an Ambulance driver and mechanic in Auxillary Territorial Services in the year 1945 at the time of the second world war. Making her the first female member to do that work. She when was 21 years old gave a speech in which she said all her life will be devoted to the service of her British Subjects. Starting from her public appearances when her father fell ill, The young princess was seen actively participating in her royal as well as public engagements. Many of the words that she spoke in the speech were manifested in the later years of her reign. In the times when Young Princess Elizabeth was crowned as the Queen of the United Kingdom, the media back then called her a Fairytale Princess. Her reign saw the decolonization of a lot of countries that were once under British rule. She faced strong criticisms in the early days as she was a lady state head in the days of men’s dominance.

The setback of the British Empire and Her reign to be started :

Another setback came for British rule in the year 1951 when King George went under a severe declining phase of health issues. Young princess Elizabeth was seen replacing her father in many of the ceremonial political and palace events. Unfortunately, The King died after long ailing health in 1952. It is said that the young princess mourned officially for three months after her father’s death. Queen Elizabeth was just 25 years old at that time. When her father died she was touring Kenya. After the death of her father, she was crowned the Queen of England on 6 February 1952, while her coronation took place on June 2, 1952. At the time of her crowning, she became the Queen of 7 Independent countries and Head of Commonwealth countries as well. 

From the year 1952 to 2022, She toured a lot of countries. Wherever she went she was always given a grand welcome by the people of that nation. She is said to be among the world’s most loved monarchs in Britain’s history. In her later years of life, she saw the breaking marriages of her children and the constant scrutiny that the monarchy should be totally dropped off from Britain. There were times when the royal family was accused of not paying taxes and being the reason for the declining economy of Britain but Queen Elizabeth has endured it all.

While being on the throne inspite of all the difficulties she faced, she was even though the last day of her death was one of the most beloved monarchs. She has been known for her strong character, resilient nature, and her determination to improvise her country in every aspect. More than that she was known for her fashion and dress-up as well. She was always seen wearing solid colors and big hats. Her reign saw Brexit, 9/11, and many other Historical events. She was popular for her witty answers and her joking mood as well. 

Some Lesser Known Facts about Queen Elizabeth II

  • Queen Elizabeth was featured on the cover of TIME Magazine in the year 1929.
  • In the year 1939, Britain was facing major bombing everywhere in London and the Prineecesswere advised to take refuge in Canada but their Queen mother said a big No to the plan.
  • She made her first public announcement on the Radio at the age of 14 years. Also, she worked as A mechanic and an Ambulance driver during the era of the Second war.
  • The Queen was a big animal lover, particularly dogs, and horses. Could you believe in her early years while touring different nations she at times carried her 12 Corgi dogs with her on her plane.
  • Elizabeth had no brother due to which she became the heir of the throne, or the world wouldn’t have ever witnessed the longest reigning female monarch of human history today.
  • She was the first queen whose children had her surname The title adopted by Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip was Mountbatten- Windsor.
  • She has been the only alone British who celebrated the diamond jubilee of her marriage.
  • She holds the record for being the only monarch who opened two Olympics games in World history.
  • She is known for inventing a new breed of Dog called Dorgi.
  • Queen Elizabeth in her life saw 15 Indian Prime Ministers, From Nehru Ji To Modi Ji, she has seen them all. The same goes for her British PMs as well.
  • She fell in love with the former Prince of Greece and Denmark at the of 13. It is said that Prince Philip was not sought to be a perfect fit for the young Princess among the royal family members.
  • The couple got married in the year 1947 and their marriage lasted for 73 years until the death of Duke of Edinburg Prince Philip in 2021. What a long married life she had! Isn’t it?
  • She was the first royal member of the Kingdom whose coronation to the throne was broadcasted on television. Also, the ceremony itself holds the record as one of the most viewed programs in Television History.
  • She even allowed the royal everyday life to be broadcasted on television in the years of 1970s.
  • She quit many of the royal’s practices as well, she particularly increased her contact with the public much more than her predecessors. She met the public and visited many of the states of her country on every occasion.
  • She was also one of the only monarchs of British history that toured the most in different countries.
  • On her tour to Ghana in 1964, major riots broke down and it was also said that her assassination was consecrated but nothing happened. It was remarked by then Ghana President-  She was a lady of her behavior, she maintained a pious, calm, and composed nature all around in that tense environment.
  • She surpassed her great-grandmother Queen Victoria in 2007 as the longest-serving monarch of Britain. She is also the alone monarch of British history who witnessed the silver, golden, diamond, and platinum jubilee of her reign.

In Conclusion 

After her 70-year rule took her last breath on September 8, 2022. It was declared by Buckingham palace that she took her peaceful last breath in her balmoral castle. She will be preceded by her eldest son Prince Charles on the throne. According to the Royal News Channel, it is said, her funeral will take place on September 19. Many countries have officially announced their flags to be half-mast on some particular days in accordance. 

Her 70-year rule was marked by lots of ups and downs, and turmoil in her personal life but all she had in those 70 years were subjects who loved her dearly and with all their hearts. The tributes paid by VIPs and both common people in the world say much more about the personality she possessed.  

Frequently asked questions:

Q- Who will be the new monarch of Britain?

A- Her eldest son Prince of Wales, now King Charles III will be the monarch of Britain.

Q- What was the official title of Queen Elizabeth?

A- Queen Elizabeth’s official name was-“Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and her other realms and territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.”

Q- When will be funeral of Queen Elizabeth be held?

A- The funeral of the Queen will be held on 19 September at 11 am Uk Time.

Q- Where will be Queen Elizabeth buried?

A- Queen Elizabeth will be buried in Westminster Hall.

Q- Who was Lilibet?

A- Queen Elizabeth was called Lilibet by her husband The Queen Consort, Prince Philip.

Q- Why was Queen’s funeral decided to be on Sunday?

A- In accordance with traditions of the British kingdom, the Funeral of the royals takes place after 10 days of death but as 18 September was Sunday, It was decided by the Royal family to do the funeral proceedings on  Monday.

Q-What was Annus Horibillis?

A- Queen Elizabeth referred to the year 1992 as an Annus Horibillis as that year bought a lot of problems in the marriages of her children, and her palace caught severe fire that burnt ¼ of its properties and assets.