Businesses are the foundations of a nation’s economy. It offers the necessary system to grow opportunities. We are always looking towards the future which is binded with optimism and helping others for an inclusive community. In a vision to uplift our civilization, education and work plays a pivotal role. 

But what lies more deep within these metrics are the systems that improve the operational structure. Business Outreach Magazine aims to bring forward the contributions of Pinnacle Suppliers. The company’s unparalleled approach has always been to improve the stationary essentials for schools and offices.

Dr. Mohammed Zoheb Hossain

A Brief History-

Pinnacle Suppliers was founded by Dr. Mohammed Zoheb Hossain in 2018. What’s more intriguing has been Zoheb’s calculated steps towards business growth. Since his early days of his career, Dr. Mohammed Zoheb Hossain has been an ardent admirer of entrepreneurship. The resilience to build something of his own has taken Zoheb’s trajectory towards growth. Pinnacle Suppliers provides books, copies and other stationery items to offices and schools. As the modern economy is navigating towards technological integration, Pinnacle Suppliers are going to introduce their online sales soon. 

The building blocks of Pinnacle Suppliers are carefully tailored with Zoheb’s childhood memories during his school days. Upon completing his post graduation, Dr. Mohammed Zoheb Hossain was associated with a school, namely Child’s World School, which was also his brainchild. While leading the school, Zoheb recognized a huge gap between the demand and supply of stationery items. Such products are extremely important for any school or office’s day-to-day proceedings. Such a thought gradually moved Zoheb to construct Pinnacle Suppliers. 

Struggles and Success Stories-

While understanding the business model of Pinnacle Suppliers, Dr. Mohammed Zoheb Hossain expressed the extreme competitive market. There were thousands of suppliers already dominating the market. But Zoheb successfully identified which products needed more focus and stepped into the playing field. One of the most crucial steps for Dr. Mohammed Zoheb Hossain was to strategize the pricing model. Dr. Mohammed Zoheb Hossain tactfully evolved Pinnacle Suppliers with growing profits and collaborated with clients along the way. 

The beginning of the journey was marked with challenges and several roadblocks. But with the productive supervision of Dr. Mohammed Zoheb Hossain, shops and offices started approaching Pinnacle Suppliers with sustainable business. When it comes to personal development, Dr. Mohammed Zoheb Hossain has several forms of knowledge under his belt. He studied B.Sc., BHM and has been a university topper. Zoheb studied Diploma in Industrial Relations & Personnel Management and has a First Class in it. He also completed a Certificate in Financial Accounting. Additionally, Dr. Mohammed Zoheb Hossain also studied a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (First Class) and has an Honorary Phd.

One of the most important aspects for any business to flourish is to develop a long-lasting relationship with clients. Pinnacle Suppliers are believers of creating healthy relationships with clients over any profit metrics. This sets them apart as a unique organization in the market. Since 2018, Pinnacle Suppliers have worked with over 500 emerging clients and have about 10 sustainable clients. Dr. Mohammed Zoheb Hossain has won more than 65 awards till date that marks phenomenal achievements throughout his career. Recently he has been honored with Bharat Business Award 2023 held in Mumbai, Pride of Bharat Award 2023 held in Goa and the Most Prominent Edupreneur of the Year 2023, held in Mumbai. 

Key Takeaways-

He was also honored with an Honorary Doctorate in the year 2022. He was also featured in Business Outlook Magazine for his entrepreneurial success in 2022 for his firm, Bismillah Enterprise. Under the leadership of Dr. Mohammed Zoheb Hossain, Pinnacle Suppliers stands firm as Startup of the Year 2024. Such development owes its value to the company’s compassion towards its clients, word of the mouth marketing, spreading further interests towards new customers. 

Pinnacle Suppliers have increased manpower and sculpted more opportunities for growth. At times of high demand, the team has swiftly outsourced their projects to provide a hassle-free process for the clients. By keeping an eye on the market trends, Pinnacle Suppliers have also increased 10% sales from the previous year. 

In every road to entrepreneurship there will be multiple roadblocks. Dr. Mohammed Zoheb Hossain shares that there is a gap to maintain fair pricing when it comes to being consistent in quality and ensuring profits. Furthermore, skilled talent is a tough find that can help a business grow. In the coming years, Pinnacle Suppliers wants to grow in sales by at least 5%, increase clients by at least 10%, navigate online sales and most importantly to initiate logistics services for the clients. Zoheb says that business can attract the market when it can diversify its perspective from just profits. When we asked Dr. Mohammed Zoheb Hossain about success, he said, “There is no shortcut for success, but only 3 things when combined together can work wonders. These are determination to succeed, willingness to work hard and right decision making at the right time.”