Harry Gill, the visionary founder of fintech giant Pay10, has ambitious plans to transform the financial world. Under his new role as Chairman, Gill will spearhead Pay10’s expansion across the globe from its headquarters in Dubai. 

Pay10 first began in India as a pioneer in digital payments. It recognized the power of technology to make banking more convenient and accessible for all. With e-wallets and innovative apps, Pay10 removed barriers and brought the benefits of finance to more people than ever before. 

Pay10 Expands Globally

Gill saw the potential for Pay10 to do the same on an international scale. As the demand for fintech solutions grew worldwide, he set his sights on a new mission – to empower every community with the tools to thrive in today’s digital economy. 

To accomplish this, Gill knew Pay10 needed a global hub from which to orchestrate its growing operations. Dubai emerged as the ideal location. As a center of innovation and a gateway between East and West, Dubai champions financial inclusion through cutting-edge startups. 

From its new base within Dubai’s Business Bay district, Pay10 can partner with regional banks and businesses to drive adoption of local payment methods. This ensures Pay10’s services feel familiar and seamlessly integrated into people’s everyday lives no matter where they are. 

Under Gill’s leadership, Pay10 also commits to the UAE’s vision of becoming a digital powerhouse. By 2030, the UAE aims for a fully digitized society and economy. Pay10 supports this by helping individuals and merchants complete their digital transformations securely. 

Gill believes innovation should uplift humanity. At Pay10, teams work relentlessly to develop new solutions that break down financial barriers. Whether it’s customized payment gateways for small shops or international money transfer apps, Pay10 makes commerce more convenient and connected than ever before.

Gill’s dedication to excellence also shines through in Pay10’s unique company culture. By fostering creativity and bold ideas, Pay10 empowers employees to dream big and make a difference. It’s this spirit of innovation that will allow Pay10 and Gill’s vision to reshape the global fintech landscape in the years to come.

As the movement for digital inclusion gains momentum, Pay10 is poised to lead the charge. Under Gill’s dynamic leadership, new frontiers of finance will be opened worldwide and prosperity will be placed in the hands of all. Pay10’s story has only just begun, but its impact promises to be felt globally for many tomorrows to come.