A shocking incident of passenger violence against airline crew has emerged from New Delhi airport. A video that has now gone viral on social media shows an Indigo pilot being physically assaulted by an angry passenger while making an announcement about a flight delay. 

The incident occurred on Indigo flight 6E-2175 from Delhi to Goa on January 14th. The flight had been delayed by over 13 hours due to dense fog in the national capital. As a new co-pilot took over the announcement duties after the scheduled crew exceeded their flight time limits, a passenger suddenly ran from the last row and punched him without any provocation. 

Other passengers and cabin crew members could be seen standing stunned at the man’s violent behavior in the video clip. The passenger, identified as Sahil Kataria, was immediately handed over to security officials present at the airport. Indigo has also registered an official police complaint against him. 

Aviation experts say such brazen attacks on flight staff undermine basic aviation safety norms. Pilots and crew members are simply carrying out their duties and cannot be held responsible for issues beyond their control like unfavorable weather. While delays are frustrating for flyers, violence should never be condoned or normalized in any circumstance. 

This disturbing incident sadly comes against the backdrop of persisting flight disruptions at Delhi airport over the past two days due to dense fog. On Friday alone, over 110 arrivals and departures saw delays averaging 50 minutes as visibility dropped drastically. Two days of major delays had left many passengers in high anxiety and stress levels. 

Nevertheless, taking out one’s anger on airline staff remains entirely unacceptable. It is expected that the passenger will face charges under appropriate Indian Penal Code sections dealing with voluntarily causing hurt. More importantly, he must also be placed on the no-fly list to ensure such behavior is not repeated on any aircraft in future. 

The viral video has triggered massive outrage on social media, with many calling for strongest possible action. As India’s aviation sector expands rapidly, protecting the safety and security of airline employees through deterrent punishments is paramount to maintain peace and order inside aircraft. Passengers will need to learn to handle delays with patience and restraint.

Kataria’s violent act could create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation among crew members. Stricter measures may be implemented by airlines to ensure protection of staff and maintain law and order onboard flights.