Parle-G recalls the redefining moments of India in this creative advertisement for which they sourced various footage from the Films Division Of India. 


Known as the perfect Tea Companion for almost 90 years, Parle-G biscuit has become a household name in Indian homes. With good taste and reasonable price, it is also known as the common man’s biscuits and has been the go-to biscuits for the majority of Indians. 

Parle G’s

There is a saying, “In the world full of cookies and cream biscuits, Be someone’s Parle-G“. From “Swad Bhare Shakti Bhare’ to ‘G for Genius’, just like India, Parle-G has undergone several changes and the journey is quite remarkable. Even when other cookie companies were selling at higher prices, Parle-G still chose to be a common man’s biskoot. 

Parle G’s recent advertisement

In a very creative way, Parle made a special video in which they parallelly tried to display the redefining moments or the turning points in the history of India and how Parle-G was constantly there with the Indians and will always continue to do so. This promotional video was conceptualized by the creative agency, Please See in partnership with Reliance Entertainment and narrated by the actor Piyush Mishra. 

The video covers the independence movements in the 1930s and 40s, India’s victory over 1971 war, 1983 world cup, Bollywood’s iconic fictional couple Raj and Simran, the successful space mission, and India in covid times with Parle G showing the change in its packaging with the course of these points. 

With more than 15 million streams, this short video was appreciated by the viewers. Many of them went nostalgic while some said it ain’t a biscuit, but an emotion. With Piyush Mishra’s narration blending perfectly with the video, the clips shown in this video were sourced by the ‘Films Divisions Of India’. In short, the message of the video was ‘Years changed, but we stayed the same.

There are loads of memories with this ₹5 packet of Parle-G and for almost over 9 decades, the bond has been special for most of the Indians. Let us look at the history of advertising of Parle-G, from the time it was G for Glucose. 

Parle G and independence

Earlier known as Parle’s Gluco, through advertising the brand has even voiced against the western brand of Gluco biscuits during pre-independence. In the independence days, it launched ad campaigns and stated itself as a desi substitute to all the English brand biscuits and displayed an Indian girl in its packaging. 

Parle G and Doordarshan

Years passed and it was the 1980s when Parle’s Gluco went to Parle-G and replaced G for glucose to G equals to Genius. In 1982, Parle-G launched its very first TV commercial for Doordarshan with the tagline “Swad Bhare Shakti Bhare”. 

Entry of the Mascot

Entry of the Mascot

Then arrived one of the famous mascots of Indian brands, the cute chubby Parle-G girl. Earlier, speculation was that this mascot was a girl from Nagpur but the Parle-G’s officials denied it and claimed that it was a creation by Everest creative Maganlal Daiya back in the 1960s. Whether it was real or imagined, it definitely became the talk of the town and still continues to be one. 

Parle G with Shaktiman

In 1988, when the whole nation had a superhero as Shaktiman, Parle-G roped in as the actor’s brand endorser. Shaktiman was one of the most popular serials at that particular time. They decided to do more television commercials after identifying the literacy challenges in the rural areas. 

The 2000s period

During the 2000s, the parents started considering career options except medicines and engineering for their children, Parle-G tapped into this sentiment with the line ‘G for Genius’. In 2006, after the contact between Everest Brand Solution and Parle-G, they joined hands with Grey Group India. And then together they weaved a new campaign known as Parle-G ‘Hindustan ki taakat’ which associated Parle-G as the biscuit that is the pride of the nation. 

Parle G going digital

Further, they had Aamir Khan with the line ‘Do Genius- Ek Takat’ proposition. In 2013, Gulzar Sahab penned ‘Roko Mat. Toko Mat’ and Piyush Mishra gave their voice for the video. 

After these successful campaigns, Parle-G again joined hands with Everest Brand Solutions and launched 5-second TVCs which was a unique initiative back in 2014 as no other brand came up with such short commercials. Parle-G managed to gain the spotlight and deliver the message that even after things have changed over the period of time, Parle is still the same and will always be there with you. When the digital wave hit India, Parle-G also went digital and launched campaigns like ‘Genius Badal Raha Hai’, ‘Aaj ke Digital Geniuses Ke Liye.

Parle-G even became an associate sponsor of IPL and created nostalgia through their 5 TVCs and the constant question ‘Who is your Parle-G?’It created a subtle but strong connection between Parle-G and the moments that people often take for granted. 

The Social Media days

With nearly 60k followers on Instagram and 45.3k followers on Twitter, Parle has kept its game-high on social media platforms as well. Let’s have a look at it. 


It is said that if we stack the monthly production of 1 billion Parle G biscuits side-by-side, then it would cover the distance between Earth and moon! 

It feels like Parle-G has been in our lives forever and it will continue to be. Even after the long 90 years, it’s still the common man’s biscuit with the majority of the population loving it. Their advertising strategies are refreshing and the way they adopted from printed advertisements to TVCs to digital helped them survive in the market. 

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