During the pandemic, several themed villas were built. Themed residences are a USP that Bennet & Bernard pioneered, something not many luxury home developers have done, says Founder of Benett and Bernard, a company leading in delivering themed houses in Goa. 

In an interview, Lincoln Benett Rodrigues, Chairman and Founder, Bennett and Bernard Company stated that themed homes are in for an exorbitant increase in India.  

He explains the increase in consumer demand for themed homes as people living at homes and working from home become conscious about the place they lived, hence, impacting consumer behavior. 

When asked about the age bracket of consumers buying themed villas, Rodrigues said, “Consumers between the ages of 35 and 60 are most likely to purchase themed villas. These villas are mostly purchased by the upper middle class working and retired Indian families, as well as HNIs and NRIs. We have also seen an influx of millennials buying themed villas as an investment.”

“We appeal to a wide range of customer groups in India and throughout the world. Businessmen, IT officials, capital gain investors, socialites from Delhi and other Tier 1 cities, the film fraternity, Mumbai’s Upper Middle Class, authors, content producers, corporate officials from India, and retired Indians, NRIs, and HNIs from abroad are among the most prominent,” he further added. 

Bennet & Bernard Custom Homes Pvt Ltd claims to be the youngest vision-driven Real Estate Developers in Goa. Their vision is to bring world-class services to Goa with an eye on the local environment. 

He further added that safety during pandemic times has also boosted the demand for themed homes. 

On the occasion of its completion of 10 years, the company last year launched an uber-luxury holiday home project that ranks internationally among the high-end living.