Bhavish Aggarwal, Ola Chairman and CEO disclosed through a post on twitter that “New Mobility” will demand for advanced maps and geospatial services.

Bengaluru-based ridesharing company, Ola on Tuesday announced the acquisition of geospatial startup GeoSpoc with the view of developing next generation location technology to make mobility more convenient and accessible across shared as well as personal vehicles. 

Ola acquires geospatial startup GeoSpoc to develop next generation location technology

Bhavish Aggarwal, Ola Chairman and CEO disclosed through a post on twitter that “New Mobility” will demand for advanced maps and geospatial services. He tweeted, “…We’re the first step to building these by acquiring @GeoSpoc. Look forward to working with @DhruvaRajan and team to build the future of location services!” 

The financial disclosure of the deal is yet to be made. Aggarwal also shared that the advanced geospatial services will contribute in urban development planning including improving public transportation, better mapped road networks and anticipated congestion spots. 

He further informed that Dhruva and his team of geospatial scientists will be joining hands with Ola to build enhanced technologies which will perhaps make mobility through the company effortlessly accessible, convenient, and personalized across personal as well as shared automobiles. As reported by PTI, Geo-analytical Corporation, GeoSpoc has around 80 employees who will now be serving Ola post the selloff of the former. 

Aggarwal comprehended over the significance of maps since shared and personal mobility is induced deeper in the country to cover 50 to 100 percent of its population in forthcoming years. He said that “multi-modal” transportation options would require geospatial based services and intelligence to analyze benefits that stand out and generate recommendations accordingly. “Maps will need to consider a three dimensional view of the world as aerial mobility models such as drones become more mainstream,” he said.

He added that the maps built through next-generation technologies are supposed to be offered to the Indian population more than its first a hundred million users. He shared that in the regard of better analyzing the quality of roads and its improvements, real-time satellite imagery is supposed to be administered in developing maps. These inputs will contribute in developing ‘Living Maps’ which will perhaps transform the country’s outlook. 

Founded in 2015, GeoSpoc is a geospatial service establishment based in Pune, Maharashtra. It serves location-based services and solutions to different segments of the market including Retail, FMCG, BFSI, Precision Agriculture, etc. GeoSpoc provides its customers with consulting, customization, application development support and solutions, and so on.  On the acquisition by ridesharing service provider Ola, GeoSpoc tweeted, “It’s a level up for India today, Ola acquires GeoSpoc to build the Next-Generation of Location Technology! We’ve delivered value to industries using #GeospatialAnalytics and now set sail to deliver enhanced #GeospatialServices that are committed to improving mobility & urban planning.”