The technology includes a laser to detect glucose levels, eliminating the need for a traditional finger prick test.

Apple has reportedly made progress in its pursuit of a non-invasive blood glucose monitoring system, potentially integrating it into the Apple Watch. A Bloomberg report says the company has explored various technologies such as optical sensors and spectroscopy for this purpose.

According to a recent Bloomberg report, Apple has made significant progress in its search for a non-invasive blood glucose monitoring system and is confident that it will bring it to market.

It is reported that to develop a non-invasive blood glucose monitoring system, Apple, headquartered in Cupertino, adopted silicon photon chip technology and light absorption spectroscopy measurement technology. The system uses a laser to send the light of a specific wavelength through the skin to the interstitial fluid, which is absorbed by glucose. The sensor then returns light to determine the glucose concentration, and an algorithm is used to calculate the person’s blood sugar level.

The report further adds that non-invasive blood glucose monitoring systems are currently in the proof-of-concept stage and could be commercially available once miniaturized.

The new blood glucose monitoring system will not only help diabetics monitor their blood sugar levels, but also inform those at risk of developing diabetes, according to the report.

Apple has been developing the technology for years, and in 2010 acquired blood sugar monitoring startup RareLight. However, despite progress, a commercial product may be years away as the industry has yet to make it sting-free. Despite the efforts of big companies, monitors have made their way into the market.

Existing methods of monitoring blood sugar involve pricking a finger to draw blood, which can be uncomfortable and painful. As a result, people with diabetes often struggle to monitor their levels with the recommended frequency.

Integrating a non-invasive blood glucose monitoring system into the Apple Watch could revolutionize diabetes management and increase its value as a health monitoring device. The technology could be an important step in the advancement of wearable health technologies.