A blockchain-based wholesale payments company called Fnality announced on Tuesday that it has raised 77.7 million pounds ($95.09 million) in a second round of funding, supported by Goldman Sachs and other prestigious financial institutions. The company is still awaiting approval from the Bank of England to begin operations.

The UK-based company Fnality aims to reduce the time and expense associated with settling, managing collateral, and making payments for financial market transactions by bridging the gap between traditional and digital finance.

According to Fnality, Goldman Sachs and BNP Paribas led the round, and Nomura, WisdomTree, and settlement companies DTCC and Euroclear also participated.

According to the business, the money would be used to establish a “world-first” continuous worldwide liquidity management network for novel digital payment models in both developing tokenized asset markets and wholesale financial markets.

“Fnality’s application of blockchain technology offers a resilient way for institutions to use central bank funds across a wide set of potential use cases, including instantaneous, cross-border, cross-currency payments, collateral mobility and security transactions,” Mathew McDermott, global head of digital assets at

The original round’s sponsors, including State Street, BNY Mellon, ING, Lloyds Banking Group, Commerzbank, ING, Barclays, CIBC, Nasdaq Ventures, and UBS, also contributed more money.

In June 2019, Finality held its first whip round and raised 55 million pounds.

“The culmination of this latest round brings Fnality’s total capital raised to 132.7 million pounds as it prepares for the commencement of initial Sterling Fnality Payment System operations in 2023, subject to regulatory approval,” the business stated in a statement.

In order to accommodate a broader range of anticipated payment systems, including those based on blockchain or distributed ledger technology, which powers cryptocurrencies, the Bank of England approved the creation of a new type of account at the central bank in 2021.

One of Goldman Sachs’ senior executives said at the Reuters NEXT conference in New York previously, that the Wall Street behemoth is working on a dozen initiatives that would integrate generative artificial intelligence into its business processes.

George Lee, co-head of Goldman’s office of applied innovation, stated that developing code in English-language commands and producing documentation are two of the most advanced projects.