Fly91 has recently started its flight operations, becoming one of the latest airlines in India. On March 2nd, 2024, the airline operated its first flight connecting Manohar International Airport in Goa to Bengaluru in Karnataka. 

Fly91 received approval from aviation authorities last year to begin commercial flying. It took over a year for the airline to receive its license after applying. Other new airlines like Akasa Air launched within 8-12 months after receiving initial clearance. 

Before its first passenger flight, Fly91 conducted test flights of its new ATR 72 aircraft from Hyderabad. These ‘acceptance flights’ allow the airline pilots to check that the plane’s engines, fuel systems, control surfaces like flaps and landing gear all function properly. Aviation regulators also inspected Fly91’s main operating base to ensure readiness.

Aviation rules typically require airlines to perform 5 ‘proving flights’ with regulator representatives on board before receiving their full licence. These proving flights help validate the airline’s safety procedures and in-flight service. Fly91 will need to conduct more such flights on its planned routes to secure final approval. 

The airline’s choice of code ‘IC’ pays homage to Indian Airlines, the previous state-run carrier. Fly91 took delivery of two ATR aircraft in January to begin operations. It has kept a low profile during launch preparations compared to other new entrants.

Starting an airline is highly challenging in India’s competitive aviation industry. Many regional carriers attempting to connect smaller cities have struggled or shut down in the past due to high costs and low fares. Fly91’s management will hope to succeed where others failed, leveraging their experience in the sector.

If Fly91’s initial flights pass regulatory evaluation, it expects to receive its Air Operator Permit within a week. This will allow the airline to publish schedules and sell tickets on planned routes. Its launch adds another option for air travel between Goa and Bengaluru, though long-term success will depend on maintaining reliability and competitive prices. Time will tell if Fly91 can soar higher among India’s crowded skies.

In summary, Fly91 has launched commercial flight services between Goa and Bengaluru, becoming one of the newest airlines in India. The carrier conducted acceptance and test flights on its ATR aircraft before commencing operations. It still needs to perform additional proving flights for regulators to grant its operating license. Entering the aviation sector is a big challenge in India’s crowded and price-sensitive market. Fly91 will have to effectively manage costs and offer competitive fares to be sustainable over the long run.