A leading businesswoman in India, Namita Thapar, is the CEO of Emcure Pharmaceuticals, a multinational pharmaceutical company based in Pune, Maharashtra.

Early life 

Namita Thapar was born in Pune, Maharashtra, on March 21, 1977. As a student in Pune, Maharashtra, she was later admitted to the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), where she earned her chartered accountant degree.

Namita Thapar’s father is Satish Mehta, a first-generation entrepreneur and the founder of Emcure Pharmaceuticals in Pune. She was raised in Pune and held a commerce degree from Pune University and Chartered Accountant accreditation from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). Namita went on to earn her MBA at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. She received her MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business in 2001. 

Personal life 

Satish Mehta, Namita’s father, is a successful Indian businessman. He is the founder of Emcure Pharmaceuticals. Her mother’s name is Bhavana Mehta. Her younger brother, Samit Mehta, is the President of R&D at Emcure Pharmaceuticals.

Namita Thapar is the wife of businessman Vikas Thapar. The couple has two sons, Vir Thapar and Jai Thapar.


Namita joined Emcure as CFO after six years at Guidant Corporation in the United States. Her responsibilities rapidly expanded to encompass the Indian market, and she is currently Emcure Pharmaceuticals’ Executive Director.

As a Trustee, he serves on the TiE Mumbai Board of Trustees. Namita also serves on the Fuqua School of Business India’s regional advisory committee. She is also a member of the Young Presidents Organization.

She is a frequent speaker at primary schools such as Harvard Business School, the Indian Institute of Management (IIM A), the ET Women’s Conference, FICCI, etc.

Namita joined Emcure as CEO after six years with Guidant Corporation in the United States. She launched a YouTube channel called Unconditional Yourself with Namita, where she gives speeches regarding females’ well-being. In 2017, she established the education firm ‘Incredible Ventures Ltd.’ It operates out of Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and Ahmedabad. The company’s goal is to promote young entrepreneurship by teaching entrepreneurial skills to children aged 11 to 18.

Namita Thapar works for the government of India. Aside from her company, Namita is active in several government initiatives, including the NITI Aayog’s ‘Women Entrepreneurship Platform,’ the ‘Digital Health Task Force,’ and the ‘Champions of Change.’ PM Narendra Modi initiated these initiatives to encourage G2B collaboration in policy making.

Emcure Pharmaceuticals

Emcure Pharmaceuticals is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical firm headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra. Emcure’s product line comprises pills, capsules, and injectables.

While located in Pune, Maharashtra, the firm has grown its activities globally. It has a revenue of 6,000 million rupees ($ 750 million). It has a presence in 70 countries and employs over 10,000 employees.