MyGlamm is an example of a D2C (direct to consumer) business strategy that has built a strong product and platform recall, as seen by the fact that its website and app account for 98 percent of its online sales.

Darpan Sanghvi launched MyGlamm, an online cosmetics company, in 2012. MyGlamm is an online marketplace for beauty aestheticians, as well as a retailer of new generation colour cosmetics. MyGlamm’s website, iOS, and Android apps allow users to place orders. In addition, the Mumbai-based firm is the first in the sector to get funding from one of Europe’s top natural beauty product companies.

Feels glamorous effortlessly.
Feels glamorous effortlessly.

WebEngage, a marketing automation tool for businesses targeting consumers, has collaborated with MyGlamm. This allowed it to experiment with different approaches and strategies in order to improve client retention and expand its repeat user base.

Sanghani said, “WebEngage has a high emphasis on working “with” their customers, not just “for” their customers. This in our opinion has been the single most valuable experience in adopting their platform. The leadership is open to suggestions and has collaborated with us in building new, valuable features.”

Myglamm’s purpose

When it comes to consumers, the brand MyGlamm is primarily focused on two things. To begin with, all of the brand’s clients should feel effortlessly gorgeous, which implies that they should be able to complete their purchase lifecycle without encountering any obstacles. Second, the brand MyGlamm should make clients feel like an asset throughout their product purchasing process.

Business Strategy of Myglamm

  • SMS campaigns: a text message is delivered to the customer’s phone number to remind them of the product they left on their wish list or in their shopping cart.
  • Web push campaigns: A web push campaign serves as an immediate reminder to customers to purchase the goods that have been placed in their shopping cart.
  • Convincing cart abandoners to place orders: Cart abandonment is a challenge that most online businesses experience. Users who want to buy a product but end up leaving it in their carts need to be motivated and persuaded to buy the product they had previously placed in their carts.
  • Email Campaign: An email is sent to clients’ individual email addresses, informing them of new offers and discounts on the purchase of new things.
  • Promoting product purchases among the app’s registered users: The app MyGlamm allows new registered consumers a 24-hour period to completely explore the app and its items before encouraging them to make a purchase of a product offered in the app through several methods.


MyGlammxo is intended to be self-contained from MyGlamm. MyGlamm is establishing a community for women to debate personal care concerns and trends, as well as educate themselves on the brand’s goods, with this move.

MyGlammxo has a large customer base for items in the style, skincare, and women’s wellness categories, with 88 million unique women users. The platform, which combines content and commerce, is motivated by a feeling of community. MyGlammxo specialises in personal care, beauty, and lifestyle content creation and curation.

POPXo’s influencer marketing platform Plixxo is also used by the platform to enrol several local influencers. Influencers raise awareness of MyGlamm goods and promote them, as well as other businesses with which the firm has partnered. Plixxo claims to have over 37K influencers on its platform and has collaborated with companies including Maybelline, Cadbury’s, Nike, and Puma.

Future plans of Myglamm

Darpan Sanghvi’s brand MyGlamm has developed a new parent system known as the good glam group, which will buy six personal and beauty care firms by March 2022 and has also announced that they are seeking Indian brands with a revenue of between 50 and 100 crores.

We intend to expand on all the three fronts of digital, product and offline point of sale. We want to triple our monthly active users (MAU) from 3 Mn to 10 Mn. We want to expand our product line and increase our offline presence from 50 to 100 cities of India in 2021,” said Neeraj Sanghani, Chief Strategy Officer, MyGlamm.