In this article you will know about the top 10 mutual fund startups which is growing very fast in Indian Market.

MutualFunds Sahi Hai

Stock Market Investment, Trading, Mutual Funds were technical jargons sometimes back for normal people in India. Not every common person was involved in it. But People were driven away from the “ Aapda ko Avsar Banaye” tag.

In the pandemic when the entire globe was locked Indians have found Stock market investment, trading, mutual fund investment as the best opportunity to earn alternative income.

Though the investment in all this trading and share market involves a risk, India has seen immense increase in the number of people involved in the share market. As per the SEBI reports demat holders have increased at much higher rates post pandemic.

Investing directly in the share market needs knowledge, learning about the market, companies, and global indicators. A common man might not have adequate knowledge of all these attributes. So investing through mutual funds might be the best alternative to investing in the stock market.

So are you also planning to invest in a top mutual fund? Looking for a trustable and leading startup in the industry?

Top 10 Mutual fund Startups in India


Groww one of the top mutual fund startups in India founded in 2016 by lalit Keshre, Harsh Jain, Neeraj Singh, Ishan Bansal. Groww is an investment platform that allows users to invest in the stock market, derivatives, and other segments through its platform. Groww app is designed to make investing easy and transparent for the common man in India. Today the company has more than 20 million registered users. Groww has reported nearly Rs 350+ crore of revenue in F.Y 22.


It is another mutual fund startup that provides users direct access to invest in top mutual funds of India, Fisdom was founded in 2015 by Anand Dalmia, Ramganesh Iyer, Subramanyam S V, Subramanyam Venkat. They also provide wealth management services which provide wealth management services to users without any cost. Company has more than 1 million active users and revenue of around $2.39 million in F.Y 2021.

Rupee Vest

Rupee Vest provides hassle free and user friendly investing options to the investors to invest in top mutual funds and stock markets. This startup was founded in 2013 by Varun Mundra, Mitul Daga and Mayank Mundra.

The platform provides various research to the users before making the decision of investing. Rupee Vest has reported 

ET Money

Founded in 2015, ET money is a Times of India Group which offers financial products services such as mutual fund investments and detailed research for the users. The app also offers investing research, insurance and SIP plans.

The company has recorded revenue of $51.1 million. ET money’s retail revenue has AUM of around Rs. 30000 crore in 2022.

Fund India

Another best mutual fund investing and stock market platform since 2009. Funds India was founded by C.R Chandrashekar and Shrikanth Meenakshi based in Chennai. FUnds India provides the best experience to users for investing in mutual funds with investment advisors based on detailed research.


With Smart Investing Options, Orowealth platform allows users with the best experience of mutual fund investment. The startup was founded by Nitin Agrawal, Vijay Kuppa, Yogesh Powar and Swati Agrawal in 2019. Oro wealth provides users a friendly platform  to invest in all types of mutual funds and segments of stock markets.


Jama, a mutual fund startup, was founded in 2016 by Ram Kalyan Medury. Jama provides users an opportunity to invest in best and top return giving mutual funds with detailed research.

Mutual Fund Wala

Founded in  2005 by Shashikant Bahl, Mutual fund wala is a mutual fund distributor that provides all the opportunity to invest in top mutual funds of India. Company offers more than 2000 schemes of mutual funds to invest in. Mutual fund Wala provides users with an investment plan to invest in mutual funds based on different parameters.Company has 18+ years of experience and has received 140+ awards in the field.


Nivesh is a noida based startup founded in 2016 by Anurag Garg and Sridhar Srinivasan providing investing opportunities to users. The company has raised $1.6 million funding from IAN Fund. Nivesh provides different opportunities to invest in Mutual funds based on your requirement . The company helps lower tier city population to invest with ease and partnership with local distributors in a strategy of Nivesh. In the future the company is planning to add insurance and digital gold to its offering for users.


Founded in 2012  by Ashok Kumar, Sanjiv Singhal and Nilkanat is the top and leading investing platform. The startup is based in Bangalore and provides wealth management using technology and data. The company offers a calculator tool to plan one’s financial goal and returns. The company has raised around Crore and has grown its assets under management to Rs. 12000 crore in Aug 2022.


These are the top mutual fund startups to invest directly in top mutual funds in India. Every startup has its own offerings and ancillary services provided to users. The startup has grown and is increasing the number of customers and active users of their platforms.

Disclaimer: Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully. We do not promote any of these startups’ platforms. This is solely for your information purpose.